📝 Penn Week 6a – Hover Sketch, Presenting Design Work, Meetings

Hover Sketch

Quick show and tell of each person’s sketch! Please paste your link below:


Presenting Design Work

Most professional environments elect to create a design presentation with research, a few concepts, and executions. In my experience, this is a fantastic way to explore different ideas, and also to make sure that your ideas are coherent. It also allows the client to react to different pieces, and to help facilitate a conversation around your work. 

While this is part of a professional work flow, having a clearly documented process allows you to have more clarity about your work, too, and is helpful for getting feedback in the classroom and beyond!


Website Project Life Cycle

  • Research and discovery (Getting information about your project. Who is the audience? What are the needs? What are the opportunities)
  • Content mapping, Site Architecture
  • Concepts (Focusing on this today)
  • Design Refinements
  • Programming & staging environment
  • Launch, user testing

(Documenting work, Sharing assets)


Look at Nika’s Examples

  • Studs Vote Capsule
  • Parsons Festival