🍃 Penn Week 5b – Explainer Critique

Welcome to our first critique!

You’ll notice that each person has been assigned a first responder (1R), and notetaker (N). The first responder (1R) will kick off our discussion as soon as the presenter has finished sharing their work. The notetaker will listen carefully and document the highlights of the critique on our document.

👉Please also submit your project URL on Canvas.

When critiquing, these are the questions we should consider

  1. Is there a clear point of view with this project? What about the content, art direction, writing, or design adds to this impression?
  1. How is this project organized? Does the structure match the designer’s intention?
  1. What is the relationship between the design and the content?
  1. What are the strongest moments of this website?
  1. What parts were weak — what would have helped? 
  1. Any questions left unanswered?
  1. How might the designer continue to evolve this piece?

We’ll have a timer set for ~10 minutes per presentation.


Critique Order

Amy (1R: Kristine, N: Sarah)
Kristine (1R: Sarah, N: Tarah)
Sarah (1R: Tarah, N: Jihu)
Tarah (1R: Jihu, N: Egret)
Jihu (1R: Egret, N: Becky)
Egret (1R: Becky, N: Janice)
Becky (1R: Janice, N: Ashley)
Janice (1R: Ashley, N: Sylvia)
Ashley (1R: Sylvia, N: Lindsay)
Sylvia (1R: Lindsay, N: Catherine)
Lindsay (1R: Catherine, N: Amy)
Catherine (1R: Amy, N: Kristine)



Please paste your URL under your name.

Amy (1R: Kristine, N: Sarah)

  • Making words more balanced
  • Lots of point of view from Amy’s perspective 
  • Choose your own adventure
  • Design system: color scheme works really well (especially where you click through responses), white feels calm, matches feeling of what you’re saying
  • Why is no faded away- think about that more
  • Not sure which phrase is the most important - continue to develop content hierarchy 

Kristine (1R: Sarah, N: Tarah)