📝 Penn Week 13a – Interview Check In

Biases in Design

These examples are cited from a lecture by Devin Washburn.


💬 Interview: Discuss and Debrief (1 hour)

In groups of three, present your interview results to one another, please discuss the following and document your results in either a Google slide, doc, or Dropbox Paper file (One file per team is fine).

  1. Remind the group of your project’s topic and who you interviewed.
  1. What did we learn from this interview? How did the process of asking questions help you understand something about your project? 
  1. Were there any stand out quotes? What about them is noteworthy?
  1. Did you create a narrative, or did you fall into telling the story that the interviewee wanted you to tell? How does this impact the user flow?

Then, I’d like each group to brainstorm three ways the interview can inform the content and or user flow of that person’s project.  

👥Meet Back as a Group

At 4:00pm we’ll go through a few group’s results as a class.

📝 Documentation