📝 Penn Week 12b – jQuery Clocks, Project Check In 

🔊 Announcements

The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) has opened its call for the Fellowship for Change in Design.

The Fellowship for Change in Design is an initiative to support the development of a pipeline of talented individuals from historically under-represented communities into the design fields, and to dismantle the systemic biases that stand in the way of their advancement as leaders in these fields. The Fellowship –– a paid, year-long, full-time, training program –– is designed to promote and support individuals in gaining the skills, contacts, and experience to help them excel in their design careers.
Applications are due by Monday, April 12th at noon, EST.  The Fellow will be selected through a competitive, juried process and will work with CUP from July 2021 – June 2022. Click here for a full job description and details on how to apply! 

CUP also has other fellowships, like the public access design fellowship.

🕑 jQuery Clock Show and Tell

Please paste your jQuery clock URL below


🤹‍♀️Portfolio Website Research

As a class, let’s do a field scan and find examples of interesting portfolio websites for individuals as well as thoughtful case studies (similar to the examples I shared on Monday). Please spend an hour or so researching different websites and log an example of an engaging portfolio homepage as well as a thoughtful case study below (preferably from two different websites).

Unsure where to look?
Typewolf often has portfolio websites, you could also look up designers who work at studios you might like on LinkedIn and see if you can locate their websites. Here are a few design studios:
Huge Inc

Engaging Portfolio Website (Individuals, not studios)

Website URL
Description of what you like about the website and notes on its content
Where did you find this website?