📝 Penn Week 12a – Documenting Interactive Work, Project Check In

Class Website (Final Project)

On our last day of class (04/28) you’ll present your class portfolio and we’ll look at everything you’ve made this semester, identifying common themes and trends in your work. In order to participate, you’ll need to design and develop a class portfolio that links out to all of your work.


👩‍💻 Documenting and Presenting Digital Work

If you continue creating digital projects, you’ll eventually run into the problem of documenting your work. What are some ways you might do this? Let’s explore a few techniques.

Before You Begin

Consider what the most compelling parts of your project are. Is it the typography? The animations? The layout? Understand that most people only have a couple minutes to look at something. With this in mind, how can you grab their attention, communicate the best parts of something, and hopefully, if they’re still interested, have a way of learning more.

Note: Generally, this means editing down your project to a few key features, rather than showing every last detail.

Combining engaging copywriting, strong visuals, and videos

This one abstracts pieces of the website in addition to showing parts of it in use


Videos In Use


Abstracted Compositions with Links to the Projects


Static Images


Strategies for Creating Assets