📝 Penn Graphic Design Week 6 – Soundscapes Critique
Welcome to our critique!

You’ll notice that each person has been assigned a first responder (1R), second responder (2R) and notetaker (N). The first and second responders (1R, 2R) will kick off our discussion as soon as the presenter has finished sharing their work – they will highlight interesting explorations and pose questions to the class about the work. The notetaker will listen carefully and document the highlights of the critique on our document.

Please also submit your assignment on Canvas.

When critiquing, these are the questions we should consider:
  • What is the tone of voice in this project? How did the designer communicate this through the language, audio, and design?
  • How do the audio and print pieces compliment each other? Do they tell a complete story?
  • What is the type treatment communicating in this piece? What is the relationship between the content and what it looks like? Is it more of a denotative or connotative approach?


  1. Dev (1R: Kunal, 2R: Yune, N: Sarah)
  1. Kunal (1R: Yune, 2R: Sarah, N: Lo uise)
  1. Yune (1R: Sarah, 2R: Louise, N: Mea)
  1. Sarah (1R: Louise, 2R: Mea, N: Dina)
  1. Louise (1R: Mea, 2R: Dina, N: Diego)
  1. Mea (1R: Dina, 2R: Diego, N: Becky)
  • <break></break>
  1. Dina (1R: Diego, 2R: Becky, N: Alice)
  1. Diego (1R: Becky, 2R: Alice, N; Melody)
  1. Becky (1R: Alice, 2R: Melody, N: Dev)
  1. Alice (1R: Melody, 2R: Kunal, N: Dev)
  1. Melody (1R: Yune, 2R: Dev, N: Kunal)


Devdyuti (1R: Kunal, 2R: Yune, N: Sarah)

  • Experience, felt like you were in there with smooth transitions 
  • split up into two parts with italics, like the different weights even though the same font 
  • a lot of control, like the switch in tone especially in the type face, mirrored in the audio
  • writing is really curious

Kunal (1R: Yune, 2R: Sarah, N: Louise)

  • power dynamic between computers and humans
  • each element has intention
  • typeface fits well into the theme of the relationship between machines and humans
  • embedding binary into the letters is unique/creative without feeling extraneous
  • simple b&w designs cohesive
  • strong concept by building onto the artwork
  • but concept isn’t clear without context (not necessarily a problem) 
  • maybe make the binary more visible?
  • feels like an installation series, not just one piece

Yune (1R: Sarah, 2R: Lo uise, N: Mea)

  • Appreciate the simplicity that acts as cohesion - Neat and Clean
  • Audio echoes this clean tone - reflects atmosphere of Painting and typecard 
  • Has an accessibility point of view - clean and clear writing at the bottom is an interesting way to depict this 
  • Jazz in the background is a nice touch - wonder if this could have been louder