📝 Penn Graphic Design Week 2 – Design Ideas and Systems

Marshall McLuhan – The Medium is the Message 

Design Idea

If we look at our list from last week, we came up with the following working definition on what graphic design is:

  • Intentionality with decisions
  • Understanding information and communicating messaging
  • Expression of an idea or topic through specific aesthetic choices
  • Using technology to communicate and produce something
  • A visual abstraction of a thought
  • Asking questions, solving problems

We also all agreed that graphic design is not:
Just a tool (photoshop)
Just a facet of capitalism (branding, shopping things, ads)
One way of looking at things

With these definitions in mind, let’s evaluate a few projects and evaluate their designs.

As we look at them let’s invite the questions:

  1. What do you think the design idea is here?
  1. Why does this look the way it does?
  1. What parts of the design are stylistic and what parts are utilitarian?
  1. How do you think the designer came up with this design?
  1. How do the type, materials or interactions help communicate the concept?

  • Community feeling
  • Hierarchy of the contents; exposing the contents
  • Utilitarian - hyperlinks
  • Yellow pages
  • Old website, havent changed it much

Sara Cwynar, Rose Gold, 2017