📝 Penn Graphic Design Week 10 — Collections, Image Making Techniques, and Data

Image Making Ideas

Scan an Object

Scanning an object at a high resolution (300 or 400 DPI) is a great way of capturing it without having to worry about lighting etc. These are a couple leaves I scanned earlier this year. Scanning without the lid gives you a nice black fill (rather than the top of the scanner).

You can also use a scanner to capture motion

In the above, I scanned a rose and a piece of paper that I moved around while scanning. I printed it out and used it as a Valentines Day card a few years ago.

Bruno Munari, Original Xerographies


Alexander Valentine, Algorithm Gerbils

This book visualizes our physical interactions with touch screens. Even though all the illustrations are different, what makes them consistent in the context of this book?

The Royal Wedding FAQ, Tracy Ma for NYTimes

  • Collages
  • Gifs
  • Edited assets using found materials


Toiletpaper Magazine (2015), Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari

  • consistent photography style
  • surrealist content
  • high contrast

Max Lamb, Exercises in Seating

  • straightforward, candid shots that simply depict the scene
  • grid of images throughout
  • mostly black and white, highlight the effect in color

Commercial Perfume Bottles, Jacquelyne Y. Jones-North