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It’s time to make pet stuff human again.

Pawp is live. It’s great to see you.

Welcome to Pawp, the most human pet brand. When finding products for your pet—everything from food to toys—you shouldn’t have to pick between curation and convenience. We’re here to provide you with the best pet products, hand-selected by our team. Oh, and did we mention free two-day shipping? Buh-bye, Amazon.

Fact Sheet

💼 Download our Fact Sheet here.

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Main Links:
💻 www.pawp.com
✉️ press@pawp.com

🤳 @mypawp on Instagram

Media Contact:
Marc Atiyeh
CEO of Pawp


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Our Brands

We have currently hand-selected and partnered with 24 leading brands in the pet space. Below are the brands on Pawp:

Our Categories

We organize our products in daily activity categories: Eat, Walk, Wear, Play, Go Potty, Groom, and Sleep. We also have a fully-functioning Pharmacy for dogs and cats. Below are our categories:

Our Shared Values

We are starting with 16 shared values we believe pet parents care about: