Patrik Mihalčin
+420 727 898 878

Remote worker interested in multiple aspects of software development. 

  • I can help you to translate words into well-designed & tested code.
  • I love improving open source projects I use, see my github.
  • I generally enjoy working with Java & Spring stack, but I have no problem getting up to speed with any language or framework.
  • I regularly review code as part of pull requests
  • I share my knowledge during team meetings

Current role

Software developer @ EmbedIT
  • I work on 3 greenfield projects: Merchants, Loyalty & Statements
  • It entails design, implementation, testing, deploy artifacts to given runtimes
  • I started Merchants project from scratch applying Domain driven design principles
  • I employed RESTful API design
  • I got to know a lot about Javascript, React and Redux architecture when developing single page application
  • Pioneered the way we deploy to production using Docker
  • Built integrated environment for CARD systems
  • Introduced docker distribution with Harbor as a face-lift for enterprise-y feeling, from which whole company benefited and major Docker adoption started
  • Implemented patterns for Docker images and deployment pipeline
  • I set up continuous integration pipeline in Teamcity

Other career milestones can be found @ my linkedin

Top skills

  • Java, Groovy
  • Spring stack (Boot, MVC, Core, Integration, Batch)
  • Domain driven design
  • Linux
  • Docker (+ Compose, Distribution)
  • Azure (IaaS)
  • SQL, Oracle DB
  • CI, Teamcity
  • Build, Maven, Gradle
  • Test automation, TDD, BDD, Spock, JBehave
  • Load testing, Gatling
  • Kanban

I work remotely for almost 1 year
I worked in international environments based in Prague & Košice
I collaborated with folks from US, UK, Germany, Asia, etc.
I speak English (fluent), Slovak (native)