Patreon & Podomatic Join Forces

Patreon and Podomatic want to address the greatest needs of podcasters. So we’re partnering to boost monetization for 500,000 (and growing) users on Podomatic! Podcasters can now link their Patreon page on their Podomatic profile. And anyone who signs up on Podomatic can create a Patreon page in the same process! 


Founded in 2005, Podomatic is a global leader in providing publishing and hosting services to podcasters. As the World’s Largest Community of Independent Podcasters, Podomatic’s core mission from day one is to build the best tools and platform to help podcasters succeed. 

A basic account is free and no special skills are required to set up your show. Podomatic has dropped the barriers of entry for people interested in producing podcasts and is the industry's only "one-stop-shop" for everything a podcaster would require.

Patreon helps creators of all kinds get sustainable income and connect with their biggest fans. They are integrating with Podomatic to make it easy for Podcasters to monetize their podcasting business and build a stronger connection with their most devoted fans

  • "Podomatic’s new partnership with Patreon is a match made in heaven. Supporting independent creators and nurturing talent is a strong vision shared by both brands. With this partnership, podcasters can now be funded by listeners directly. Millions of podcasters enrich our lives daily, and with Patreon, it's now easier for all of us to give a little back." - Matthew DeMonaco (Business Development at Podomatic)

The Product Integration:

Anyone who signs up on Podomatic can create a Patreon page in their Podomatic settings. They can then enable a “Support on Patreon” button on their Podomatic profile.

How it works: 

A “Support on Patreon” button will appear on the creator’s Podcast page when a PRO Podcaster has created a Patreon account and integrated it into Podomatic. 

The “Support on Patreon” button will also appear on the Podomatic Episode page too!
    The same goes for customizable podcast pages.
  To get started, all you have to do is go to the “Funding” tab in your Podomatic settings.

If you don’t have a Patreon account yet, just click the “Start now!” button to begin the process. You’ll be prompted to the sign-up page for Patreon. 

Once you’re finished, just add the link to your Podomatic settings and your “Support on Patreon” button will appear on your Podomatic profile.