Particl Testnet - Getting Started

Particl Testnet #6 - 10th Aug 2017

Start Time : 14:30 UTC


The purpose of this testnet is to get feedback on the Particl Core QT wallet and any bugs or improvements from previous releases. Testing of Coin Control feature in the Send Tab.

Please read this entire post before proceeding to begin with the testnet. Thank you.
We invite participants to join the #testing channel on our Slack/Riot where this entire operation will be coordinated from.

Issues/Bug Reporting

Please log *all* issues/bugs here :
Please include detailed information on how to reproduce the issue, including logs and screenshots where possible.


TESTNET #6 is not compatible with the previous testnets. Therefore it is important to delete the /testnet/ directory inside the main Particl directory before starting the new client.



~/Library/Application Support/Particl/


Version : - "version": 14020200
Commit :
Date/Time :  Aug 10th, 2017

Please remember to run with -testnet when starting the client and always call the cli via ./particl-cli -testnet <command> 

Getting Started

Extract Tar file
$ tar xvf particl_<filename>.tar.gz

Start Particl QT
$ particl-qt -testnet

Start Particl Daemon
$ particld -testnet -daemon