Parsons Week 10 – Object Posters Critique

I’m dividing the class into two groups of 9. You’re only required to join the Zoom during your group’s presentations, but you’re welcome to stay for both if you’d like.

Group 1 – 9:00 AM EST

Annabelle, Josh, Annie, Michelle, Serena, Natalie, Marika, Rachel L, Dhriti

Group 2 – 10:20 AM EST

Jillian, Agathe, Val, Oluschi, Jas, Hugo, Rachel P, Lindsay, Raquel

Group 1

Annabelle (1R: Josh, N: Annie)

url: having trouble with github and linking repositories — this url seemed to work though:
notes: The website features one of Annabelle’s sweater. The website reflects a sketchbook style analyzation of the sweater, its history, and its knit. There are a variety of images of the sweater ranging from full photos to close-ups to gifs of the sweater. There is a hierarchy on the website in the navigation, typography, and the content. The color pallet of the website is very cohesive and clean. The interactive gifs create a really dynamic page and one of the most interesting compositions on thee site. 

Josh (1R: Annie, N: Michelle)

notes: The first website utilizes filters to create the sense that one is in a dark museum with the object. The inverse filter highlights the small details of the object, and is on a single page website. The website does not feel overwhelming and communicates the object without being too literal. The website does not feel like one page, and the content is very thought out and intentional.

Annie (1R: Michelle, N: Serena)

notes: Highlight different parts—defining three main flowers(histories etc.)
Navigation needs trouble-shooting
Feedback: lovely little details and very pleasing color scheme; good use of the background images of the website; slightly different but coherent
immersive visual language of the flowers; pay attention to use the image of right size, be purposeful if stretching the image; use of illustrative images might impact the consistency of the visual languages; 
Typography might be too busy on the colorful background. Use a white background might be helpful.

Michelle (1R: Serena, N: Natalie)

notes: Really cool! The first thing I like is the transition of the objets and its very playful. There are detail that help with the object such as the blur effect. The navigation is very creative and interesting. It should be a little more clear as in fixing the position of the red square as it can be confusing. 
Really cool how it’s a collage and unexpected. The form adds a lot of texture to the page. There’s a lot of curiosity coming from the song and the s image. The second page looks like sci fi developing component that grabs my attention. Its interesting how the first and second page are totally different but they still connect together. The three page feels the least resolved as it’s more visual to the guitar pick and it literally just indicates the object. The first and second pages connect as they have a sense of typography, but the three page doesn’t.

Serena (1R: Natalie, N: Marika)

notes: Incorporating how the polaroid itself works is interesting, especially the 2nd page where the polaroid prints. Unexpected moments have their “own jobs” having different feelings but feeling connected at the same time. Homepage could be more impactful like the other 3 pages, there’s not a lot to see, might be discouraging to viewers. Starting with another page first might be interesting. The archive page is the most attention grabbing, personal collection and inherent narrative here. Purpose of the cursor? Has a Facebook like button quality, maybe have a cursor that’s more inline with the rest of your website than having a separate language. Why the white dots at the edge of the photos? Might have a list element on the navigation text, why the black dots are there. Viewfinder site feels fake, maybe a black page with a cut out and the image behind it might work better. Negative space and two planes could communicate that idea quicker.

Natalie (1R: Marika, N: Rachel L)

notes: Combination of gifs and illustrations are interesting. Clear and effective system in nav and structure. Has a calm quality, short sentences feel like facts. 9am felt most engaging page &communicates quickly. Maybe play video immediately on 2nd page. For 3rd page, keep with other elements for consistency.

Marika (1R: Rachel L, N: Dhriti)


Rachel L (1R: Dhriti, N: Annabelle)

notes: This website series is featuring flaming hot cheetos. It is mainly relying on photos and a collage based aesthetic with some (hopefully) audio elements. The first page really dissects each element of the packaging, although because it’s such a vibrant product, I would increase the vibrancy of the photos a bit. The second page does a great job showing the scale of the cheetos and overall upclose viewpoints of what the objects inside the bag look like. For the third page I think the audio of ASMR sounds is a great idea, but I would love to see a bit more movement with the cheetos themselves along with it. 

 Dhriti (1R: Annabelle, N: Josh)