📝Parsons S21 CI2 Week 4b – Typographic Explorations and Small Group Meetings
Based on your feedback from last class, let’s evaluate how our designs are progressing, and continue experimenting with the form.

In small groups, let’s meet and discuss the following:
  1. Is there an overarching concept to your project so far that is communicated in the design – typography, layout, content?
  1. Is there something memorable or interesting about your project so far? (For example, many students created a maze out of their type last check in. How is your maze highlighting something else about the reading?)
  1. Is there something we can add to your project that changes the narrative? Could it be additional writing? A visual motif? Some kind of system?
  1. Is there a hint on your perspective on the text from the design? If so, how is it working? If not, how can you define this a bit more?
  1. Is the design feeling fluid and functional across the two screen sizes?


Time Slot
Luna, Kashish, Isabella, Lara
9:28 EST
Whitley, Yuka, Gia, Julia
10:07 EST
Lou, Michelle, Jillian, Tingyue
10:33 EST
Michelle N., Yuk Hei, Chichi, Kristy
11:05 EST

👉In Class Exercise – Type Explorations

In Figma, typeset 3 iterations of your current homepage with:

Iteration 1. A font from a type foundry:


Iteration 2. An open-source font:

Iteration 3. A web safe default font: