Pace-layering for communication, and messaging
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Weiwei: Hey there!

I have been pondering about the pacing of conversation, and how to grow shared-context within a (friend, work, or hobby) group over time. 

First, let’s chat a little about pacing. When I think about pacing, I can’t help but think about the speed in which I travel in a city. There are many modalities that I can choose from: 
> I can travel by foot, and notice the distinct smell and sound of each intersection.
> I can travel by skateboard/kick-scooter, and let the uneven-ness of the street vibrate throughout my body.
> I can travel by bike, and feel the slight breeze that touches my skin.
> I can travel by car, and see the blurry cityscape that pass by in front of my eyes. 
> I can travel by metro, and let myself wander where each passenger’s going

Of course, there are many other variations in travel modes, but let’s talk about the differences between these four (at least to me) distinct pacing

Each one of the modality enable, discourage, and prohibit different interactions. They also prioritise different goals. Some is about the destination, some is about the journey, some creates headspace for me to ponder, some sets the expectation that our conversation can jump between topics. 

When I travel by foot, I often find myself: 
Greeting passerby
Stopping to wave at a snail or a cat
Feeling the texture between tiled and paved streets via my shoes
Letting my eyes wander between all the storefronts
Noticing the clothes others wear
Listening to podcast
Having casual and long conversations with friends

When I travel by skateboard/kick-scooter, I often find myself: 
Trying wiggle on the skateboard/kick-scooter
Testing my ability to do tricks 
Being in my head and thinking about something I haven’t figure out
Worrying about tripping over a big rock
Trying to go somewhere different 
Making sharp turns toward an alley that I just saw

When I travel by bike, I often find myself:
Appreciating the world
Switching between casual peddling and fast-paced peddling
Taking big inhales to smell the plants I see 
Being scared of the cars that zip by..
Reflecting on something that I happened in the past

When I travel by car, I often find myself: 
Being particular about the music that’s played in the car
Noticing how others drive 
Checking on how much time left before I arrive at the destination
Pointing at something outside the car
Staying in silence or conversing about a lengthy topic
Asking weird questions for each other to answer

When I travel by metro, I often find myself: