Orientation + House Rules


Base Station is officially open for co-working from Monday to Friday. We encourage you to take weekends off from work, and use the space for anything fun — screen a movie, invite friends over to play board games or party. If none of that’s happening, you might as well (co-)work.


Base Station timings are flexible. You could start early in the morning and continue till late. We’ve never worked past 10-10:30pm, but should you need to pull an all-nighter, feel free. 

Location & Directions

143-A, Second Floor
Shahpur Jat
New Delhi 110049
Giving directions to cabbies
Ask the driver to enter Shahpur Jat from Siri Fort Complex on August Kranti Marg. The road forks into two parts, the right one enters Shahpur Jat. Ask the driver to keep driving until the road turns right at the end (landmark: there’s a fish vendor at the corner). As soon as the car turns right the driver should park on the side and call.
Giving directions to local delivery outlets
143-A is right behind Rainbows Bakery.
Public Transport
Panchsheel Park is the closest metro station on Magenta Line. It’s about a 10-12 min walk. Other nearby metro stations on Yellow Line are Green Park and Hauz Khas — both about 1.5 kms away. The Green Park station is recommended more than Hauz Khas. Get out from the Yusuf Sarai Community Market exit, and autos will be happy to get you to Shahpur Jat for 30 bucks.
Closest bus stops are— Khel Gaon (on August Kranti Marg) and Panchsheel Enclave / Sadhna Enclave on Outer Ring Road.
Firstly, we recommend using public transport. However if you must drive down, we suggest parking on the main road in Shahpur Jat along the boundary wall with Asiad Games Village. Base Station is easily walkable from both extreme ends of this road. Avoid the stretch opposite the Shiv Mandir near DDA park (Panchsheel). The local Shahpur Jat residents might block some parking slots with dilapidated two wheelers (or through other means). Respect that.
More on Shahpur Jat
Friends at LBB to our rescue. Check out their Shahpur Jat Hood Guide.


We’ve setup a Slack team to help Base Station co-workers communicate better. Please respect the purpose of each channel.
  • This is our daily needs shopping list — any consumable from stationery to kitchen / food supplies.
  • Helps us be on top of interesting events around the city — and that includes house parties as well.
  • If there’s a deal out there that’s really worth sharing, here’s where it goes. This is the channel that you’re judged on.
  • Share a joke, or a tweet or a funny video that you come across on the internet.
  • Anything and everything related to seat availability goes in here. Check here (and announce) before you bring in a guest.
  • All general conversations go in here, including asking around if anyone want’s coffee before you start brewing your own cup.
  • Important announcements that co-workers should be aware of. If the printer stops working or the power backup fails, this is where it’s announced.
  • Few of us have been running long distances, and we gossip here.