Organize Your Entire Kitchen With These 6 Products
From measuring spoons all the way to pots and pans, these products can help you get your whole kitchen neat and tidy. 

1. Snapboard by Novaline

Keep your measuring cups and spoons handy with this beautifully designed organizer. Strong magnets keep everything in place. Put it in the fridge or mount on a wall with included kit. Bonus: the metal cups and spoons are included!

2. Knife Bar by Modern Innovations

Staying on the magnetic theme, this wonderful rack keeps all your knives in order and in the same place. The beautiful design is great for displaying high-end knives and will look good in any kitchen.

3. Sink Caddy by OXO

Soap, sponges, and brushes all in the same place, all the time.  Forget about sink clutter with neat little caddy.

4. Pot Rack by Zipcode Design

Never again have to reach deep into the bowels of your cupboards and unstack 3 different pans to find the one you want. This pot and pan rack makes efficient use of wall space. Bonus: comes with wall mounting hardware!

5. Acrylic Spice Rack by Pretty Display

This sturdy little rack holds all your spices in clear, uniform containers. Mounts on the wall, freeing up valuable space elsewhere.

6. Magnetic Organization Rack by Jamari

This clever rack holds all of those miscellaneous items that seem to prevent kitchen organization. Paper towels, cutting boards, dish towels, even keys.  Mounts magnetically to the fridge.