OpenDot Workshop - Day 1


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Nodes namespace

Item: is a thing
Procedure: is an action on a thing
Test: is a node that helps to test


Rulr download area
Source code

Kinect-Projector calibratioin

To load the calibration in VVVV, please get the files from
and a recent version of Rulr (e.g. 20160121)
  • Q. Calibration doesn't load
hi elliot!
i tried with different versions of v4, but after a perfect calibration in rulr i still get a black projector renderer in v4 because it somehow looks somewhere - any  idea?
  • A. The export format has slightly changed
Please download a more recent version of Rulr (there's one on 20160121 which has the new export format)
Then hopefully it should load correctly
  • Q. import transformation
is there a way to import the transform values generated by the dx11 pointcloud calibration  into rulr and then do the kinect projector calibration? it would help a lot using the dx11 pointcloud blobextraction...