Olisto Brand Book
Welcome to the Olisto Brand book, this guide is intended to help us at Olisto present our brand in a consistent manner. Which is a major factor in our quest to global recognition.

A brand is more than just a logo. It is also the use of typography, colors and words. All of these parts are listed in this document. Which is a living document by the way. A brand moves, so there will be changes and additions. With this Brand Book, there will be a single source of truth regarding Olisto as a brand.

😃 Have fun.

Questions? On the bottom you can find where to have them answered.

📐 Logo

Our logo is a combination of a grid of connected dots that forms a heart. It represents the connection between apps, devices and services. The heart represents the human element of the equation, the user being in control.

🔗 Logo in all sorts and forms >> Dropbox link

The logo can be used in two different ways:

  • Olisto logo. The full logo, emblem + name Olisto
  • Olisto heart, the emblem alone.

The Olisto logo is to be used when it is the only representation of the brand.
Whereas, the Olisto heart can only be use to give something a bit of extra Olisto vibe. But only if the complete Olisto logo has already been used in the context before.

In the logo Olisto is written in lowercase, because it gives the logo a more balanced esthethic. In text the name Olisto is to be written starting with a capital letter ‘O’.

The Logo is not always needed to provive an Olisto look-and-feel to certain designs, the color usage described in the next chapter can have as big of an effect as proper logo usage.