Obstructions Workshop — SETUP

This document will show you how to setup and use Dropbox Paper for The Obstructions Workshop.


FIRST: Login to Paper

You must log in to Dropbox do anything. You can use an already existing Dropbox account or you can create a new one. Dropbox offers a free Basic account with a 2GB file limit (which should be plenty for this workshop). You can sign up for the Basic account here.

Once you have logged in to Dropbox, any page you view or create will always be available and listed at paper.dropbopx.com, so you do not need to remember any obscure URLs.

NEXT: Set up a new page to post your work

Once you have logged in, you can make your page by clicking the + icon in the upper right corner of this (or any) page.

This will take you to a new, blank document with a suggestion of a title for your page. Please make sure you title it with your name (preferably First and Last — or maybe your social handle, or nickname, or whatever you like) so we can identify you. This is important as we will see whatever you enter here on our main index page. Once you have created and named your page, you can submit it to Mitch for posting on the main index page, which is the next section…

THEN: Submit your page to Mitch

Dropbox Paper is a cloud-based document, has a two direct links to every page: one link is to view, comment, and edit the page. The other link is to only view and comment. This view and comment only link is what you need to share with Mitch so everyone can see your page and comment (but NOT edit all your stuff!).

In order to submit your page, it is very important that you DO NOT do this by putting in Mitch’s email address into the Share or Invite button and hit send. This will not allow anyone else to see your page to give it feedback. Instead, follow the directions below to copy & paste a link into a Google Form.

Note that there are TWO DIFFERENT VERSIONS of Dropbox Paper depending on what kind of account you have. 

VERSION 1: If the blue button at the top of your new page says “Share” follow these instructions (this is what most people will have):
Click on the blue “Share” button at the top of the page, and then click the “Copy Link” to the right of “Can view” at the bottom of the dialog. This will copy a link to your clipboard that will allow anyone with the link to view and comment, but not to edit. Once you have done that, you can submit this link to Mitch using this Google Form and pasting it into the appropriate field.

VERSION TWO: If the blue button at the top says “Invite” follow these instructions:
First, click the blue “Invite” button, then at the bottom of the dialog that opens up, click the blue Settings link.

Then make sure the settings look like the image below (under “Who can open this doc?” Select “anyone with the link”, and under “What can they do?” select “Comment and share”). Then click Done.
Then, you will be back at the dialog, and you can click “Copy Link” at the bottom.

Once you have done that, you can submit this link to Mitch using this Google Form and pasting it into the appropriate field.

You are now ready to make stuff and post it to your page! 


Using Dropbox Paper

Using Paper is super easy: you can drag and drop images, and you can type, and/or cut & paste text as expected. Paper will automatically save everything you do, as you do it. You should see a formatting bar which hovers along the bottom of every page:
Hovering your mouse over each icon tells you what they do — from left to right:

  • Add Image - lets you click and browse to add an image from your computer.
  • Add Media - lets you click and browse to add media files from the internet. 
  • Insert Dropbox Link - lets you embed files like PDFs or videos that you have uploaded to your regular Dropbox.com account.
  • Create a Table - lets you add in a table.
  • Create a Timelime - lets you make a calendar/timeline for things.