Incentivizing Homeowners to Create Pre-Incident Plans for Firefighters

1.3 Resources

Imagine a future where 3D cameras are ubiquitous, and users will be able to collect and process complex spatial and imagery data very easily using powerful processors in their mobile devices or “the cloud.” Participants will be using 3D residential scan data available from the vizHOME project and/or scans collected and provided by PSCR using commercially available 3D cameras (e.g., ZED from Stereolabs, Intel RealSense D435i, Occipital Structure Core). Participants will also use the design and prototyping tools of their choice to create and submit an interactive prototype user interface. Participants should focus their creativity and energy on the more innovative, value-added aspects of this contest, rather than the complexities of designing a working mobile app and interfacing with a 3D sensor to collect and process data.

DotProduct - Mobile 3D Scanning Resources:

Download Dot3D:
DotProduct’s Dot3D software turns Windows and Android tablets, phones, and computers into professional-grade, handheld 3D capture and processing solutions. Please click below to download Dot3D onto any Windows or Android devices you are working with for this project:

Activate Dot3D:
To activate Dot3D, you will need a license key. We are glad to provide complimentary 2-week Dot3D Pro licenses to all contestants. To obtain your Dot3D Pro license, please fill out this form:
If you need multiple licenses, please just let us know in the comments field.
Dot3D Pro includes all current functionality for 3D scanning, 3D editing, and 3D viewing across platforms. For more on the different Dot3D packages available, please click here.

Dot3D User Manual:
Please click below for the latest Dot3D Pro user manual:
This manual relates to the DPI-10 and DPI-8S complete handheld 3D scanning kits, but most information also applies to the use of Dot3D Pro across any supported platform.

Dot3D Support:
Please utilize the following resources for any technical support questions related to Dot3D:

Dot3D Sample Data:

Residential Home Scanning Materials:
Resulting Data (scroll to bottom)

Dot3D Video Resources:

Dot3D Workflow Resources:

DotProduct Product Spec Sheets & Case Studies: