Notable Events
  • BLUE|1647 facilitates member-led and community events while expanding collective knowledge with over 10,000sq.ft. of open common area space, classrooms and conference rooms. We now operate within a 250,000sq. ft Blue Lacuna space. Organizations and thought-leaders create a long-lasting impression for guests in a highly-hosted tech venue for presentations, professional talks, educational programs, and other extraordinary events.
  • Tech Inventory & Equipment: (1) Stage, strong Wi-Fi and fast signal with (5) wireless access points at 179mbps download speed and 29 upload speed, (1) Livestream ceiling mounted camera also allowing to achieve the video, (12) Portable Whiteboards, (1) podium, (4) wireless microphones, (1) Lavalierlapel microphone (4) high chairs (3) mounted projectors in the classroom, conference room, common area, (1) conference phone system in conference room, (2) standing speakers, (7) connected portable TV screens (Mac Compatible / Chrome Cast / XFinity to display any channel, or view an organization's logo etc.), (100) chairs, (25) tables, (4) desks, (2) Stanton DJ Turntables (4) Eero Aarnio Style Ball Chairs, (4) RoboReel Retractable Ceiling Mount Power Cord Systems with (9) outlet power strips providing full power to every table and chair.
  • Audio Microphones: (4) Handheld Microphone, and (5) Lavalier Lapel Microphones.
  • Coworking Area: (10) 24x72 and (8) 24x60 grey tables.

  • Video Equipment: (4) Mounted Time Lapse Cameras, (3) DSLR Cameras, (1) Video Skype camera for video conferencing in the conference room. (1) Livestream ceiling mounted camera also allowing to achieve the video. 
  • Dimensions: Stage - 8ft. depth , 12ft. long, 8" high. Podium - 3ft. 10 inches high, 22" wide, 15 inches depth.
  • Additional Amenities: (7) High chairs; 5 clear, 2 brown, (1) Kitchen, (2) hammocks, (4) bean bags, (1) Foosball table, (1) air hockey table, (1) Vending machine (1) XBOX gaming system, (1) PS4 Gaming System
  • Locker Storage.
  • Maker & Hardware Equipment: (5) 3D-printers, (1) Computer Numerical Control Machine, (1) 40W Laser Cutter, (1) Injection Molder, Spectrum Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Soldering Irons, Oculus Rift Development Kits. 

BLUE1647  Space Photos (Chicago Location)

  • Photos of rooms for reservation at BLUE Lacuna can be viewed here.
  • Photos of our first location can be +viewed here .
  • Additional Photo Sets of our space can be viewed on our Instagram and Flickr pages.

Event Setup Requirements

Since we are not  an 'Event Space', we have those organizing their event operate  autonomously, and only ensure that all of the equipment, and space needed is available and reserved for your event.  
We'll also have operational and tech staff on-site during the event if needed, and require that if the area will be rearranged for your ideal setup, that you or your team move furnishings and return the space to its original arrangement. Again, our staff does not setup for events, or breakdown event setups. Cooperation and courtesy is appreciated.
 Notable Blue|Lacuna Events
  • 05-22-2018: Be The Boss with Facebook Event. (Photos).
  • 05-18-2018: WOKE Entrepreneur Summit by Chicago Urban League Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. (Photos).
  • 04-19-2018: Blue1647 in partnership with TechCrunch presents: TechCrunch Meet and Greet Chicago. (Photos).
  •  02-24-2018: The Legacy Awards Gala and Fundraiser Event. (Photos). 
  • 12-05-2017: Northwestern University’s Executive MBA Event. (Photos).
  • 11-10-2017: Visits from a Saudi Delegation and a Balkan Delegation. (Photos).
  • 11-07-2017: The Chicago Department of Public Health's launch of Chicago Health Atlas 2.0.  (Photos).
  • 10-04-2017: ImBlackInTech :: The Founders Series | vol.2 (BETA LAUNCH). (Photos).
  • 09-28-2017: Working at a Hyper-Growth Startup, powered by Uptake & BLUE1647. (photos).
  • 07-14-2017: Blue|Lacuna Grand Opening. (Article here and here, photos here).
  • 06–2017: The Blackstone Charitable Foundation x with World Business Chicago Award Announcement.  (Article here, photos here).
  • 06-02-2017: The Blackstone Charitable Foundation x with World Business Chicago Award Announcement. A $1 million grant from the Blackstone Charitable Foundation to support entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds in Chicago will go to major players Blue1647, Bunker Labs, and UI Labs. (Photos here).
  • 05-12-2017: J.B. Pritzker, venture capitalist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and managing partner and co-founder of the Pritzker Group, visited Blue Lacuna for tour and learned of our stories and impact. (Photos here).

Notable Events
  • 11-21-2016: Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to the U.S. at BLUE1647 Chicago discussing with our members opportunities to do business in Cuba. (Photos here).
  • 11-19-2016: Lupe Fiasco, and Cofounder of Google Waze, Di-Ann Eisonr's Neighborhood Start Fund finalist pitch for $100,000. 20 startup Finalist out of 700 from across the U.S. that are helping to transform neighborhoods & the world, including BLUE1647's 1919 winner, Adero Knott. Winners left the event with checks in hand. (View photos here).
  • 10-27-2016: U.S. Dept. of Commerce MBDA Innovation in Action Event. At Inclusive Innovation in Action, attendees had the chance to participate in robust conversations about disrupting entrepreneurship with unconventional best practices to support the new diverse era of innovation. (View photos here). Speakers included: Alejandra Y. Castillo, Esq., National Director of the U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency; James Andrews, CEO of the SMASHD Ventures, Previous Sony Music Entertainment Senior Executive; Bing Chen, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Victorious, Previous YouTube Global Head of Creator Development & Management; Emile Cambry Jr., Founder of BLUE1647, a nationally recognized technology Innovation Center in Chicago. (View a recap video here).
  • 10-27-2016: United States Senator Cory Booker and Congresswoman Duckworth met with our team BLUE for a roundtable discussion. We discussed ways we can support tech innovation & create new jobs in cities. (View photos here). (View a video recap here).
  • 09-30-2016: New York Times Best Selling author Luvvie Ajayi's Chicago book signing event at Blue1647 Chicago. Over 300 were in attendance for this Sold Out event. (View photos of the event here). 
  • 09-21-2016: Google Ventures Partners and authors of "The Sprint" hosted aTeam presentation on their book "The Sprint". Jake Knapp & John Zeratsky from Google Ventures discussed design sprints to solve big challenges with little time. (View photos).