New Service Change Comm Strategy

1. Intro

Mariners grew in attendance by 25% from 8,000 weekend visitors to 10,000 weekend visitors and we added a new weekend service time to accommodate the growth in fall 2019. 

Original times
Sat 5p 
Sun 9 & 11a

New times
Sat 5p 
Sun 8:30, 10 & 11:30a


These efforts got the word out to Mariners’ 28,000 members and ultimately led to an average of 2,500 people joining us at each service. 

2. Strategy

Bulletin announcement
Month leading up to campaign

Social vids, incentives, and other posts
Social audience
Social and Story Team
Newsletter videos
Newsletter audience
Story Team
Campus Signs
Month leading up to campaign
Everyone attending Mariners
Designers and PM
Devotional Emails

3. Execution

3.1 Bulletin Announcement

3.2 Instagram & Other Social 

I wrote the scripts and social copy for these social vids

Football Season Video 
This was a video we created showing people that they could come to service and still make it back in time for the game. 

3.3 Incentives on Instagram

To encourage people to join us for our Sunday 8:30a service, we offered free (also quality) coffee, cold brew, and burritos. 

3.4 Quiz for Social and Newsletter

To encourage people to choose a new service time, I worked with the social team to develop a Buzzfeed Style Quiz. 

We posted this quiz on our social channels and newsletter to help people find the perfect service time in a fun and engaging way. 

Our newsletter with the quiz received a 34.3% open rate which is 13% higher than the industry standard. Out of the 7,287 people who opened it, 1,408 people took the quiz which resulted in 5% CTR. 

Which led to a quiz on our site which I wrote the questions for. View quiz here