Neighborhood rating rubric


  • Don’t overthink it - we’re aiming for 1 rating per 10 seconds, and being off by a couple points is fine. Try to approximately internalize this doc over the first 10 minutes, then don’t look at it & go with your gut
  • Don’t be misled by staging furniture!
  • We’re judging the things that are difficult or impossible to change:
  • kitchen & bathroom quality, including appliances
  • spaciousness of layout & ceiling heights
  • community-friendly layout: open kitchen plan, common space near entrance (dw if you can’t tell)
  • size of windows, amount of light, & views
  • backyard quality & greenery
  • Your ratings should be invariant to house size: a 3BR should be just as likely to be a 9 as an 8BR, even though the latter will have much larger common spaces
  • Try to see through bad photography - there are lots of hidden gems obscured by bad photos
  • If there are no pics of the interior, you can push SPACE to skip
  • Feel free to award bonus points for personality!


A top 10 home.


Gorgeous homes, artistic architectural features, classy finishes, elegant common spaces, large backyards, amazing views


Hardwood floors, modern kitchens, spacious bedrooms, beautiful backyards, great views.


Some large windows, some tall ceilings, spacious common areas, backyards with greenery, modern kitchen.


Cramped kitchens, a mix of old and new appliances, “submarine”-style common areas, less natural light.


Ancient appliances, dim lighting, small rooms, small windows, ugly paint / tiling, low ceilings.