Nat’l Park Trip


[Sat June 29]
πŸ›© Fly SF β†’ LV [9:59 - 10:50pm] ($46/person)
πŸ”‘ Get car at 11pm
🏠 Stay at Sharvil’s friends place (Carmen)

Car booking details:

[Sun June 30]
πŸš— Travel to Valley of Fire in the early morning
β›° Explore Valley of Fire (link)
πŸš— Travel in the evening to Zion [2h 37m]
🏠 Stay in Zion ($20/person)

Hotel Details:

[Mon July 1]
β›° Full day at Zion
πŸš— Travel in the evening from Zion to Bryce [1h 20m]
🏠 Stay in Hatch (near Bryce) ($18/person)

Hotel Details:

[Tue July 2]
β›° Explore Bryce and Grand Escalante
πŸš— Travel in the evening from Bryce to Page, Grand Canyon [2h 30m]
🏠 Stay in Page ($35/person) 

Hotel Details:

[Wed July 3]
β›° Explore Horseshoe Bend in PageΒ 
πŸš— Travel to Grand Canyon Visitors center [2h]
β›° Explore Grand Canyon
πŸš— Travel to Williams Β [1h 30m]
🏠 Stay in Williams ($46/person)

Hotel Details:

[Thu July 4]