National Fishing Month: Campaign Assets

Please help us raise awareness of how fishing licences benefit the sport we love

August 2022

We want to work together with organisations across the angling community to help encourage more people to buy their fishing licence by using free resources that have been developed by the Environment Agency. These resources can be used on your social channels, website, or within your premises and will help to raise awareness of National Fishing Month and the benefits buying a licence brings to the sport we love.

By supporting the National Fishing Month campaign, you’ll be helping your customers understand how to fish legally, as well as supporting the Environment Agency to raise essential funds to support fisheries improvement projects across England.

This paper is divided into 5 sections:

  1. Social Media 
  1. Digital Screens
  1. Web Banners
  1. Posters
  1. Email Signature

Many thanks,
The Environment Agency Team

Downloading Digital Assets

Link to download all social assets:

Otherwise use the individual links below each image in the sections that follow.

Please note that these assets are updated periodically (in line with the latest government guidance). Please make sure you always return to this page and download a new version of the content you want to use each time, rather than storing it on your local drive and reusing. 

Social Media

Static JPEGS

These image files are perfect for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 
Click here to download:

MP4 Animations

These animations are perfect for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 
Click here to download:

Digital Screens

Standard sized landscape screen size
Click here to download: