Nathan’s Resume
This is the actual resume that I submitted to a recruiter for a Senior Manager position at Amazon. I received a call back from Amazon within 24 hours. 

I am going to leave this document open for comments so that you can add notes or ask questions (sign-in required). You can also click into the document to download it for later (no sign-in). 

Tweetstorm (RTs appreciated!):

⏱️ You have about 30 seconds to convince someone to spend 5 minutes reading the rest of your resume. 

Make it scannable:

😐 Use a standard template
📣 Bold your highlights
📈 Include influential data/metrics/social proof

🚫 Don’t just cut and paste your job description from each role. 

Tell us what YOU did. 👏 

Not what you were responsible for, not what they asked you to do, but what you accomplished.

For example:

I like to tell 3 kinds of stories:

📘 Reaching New Heights or Milestones

Tell us about the time you achieved a new, big, round number in something. 💯 

📏 That could be sales, customers, units, followers, anything that you can quantify. 

Find numbers and put them all over your resume.

📕 Turnaround Stories

Accomplishments look great on your resume. 🍾 

They look even better when you frame them with why achieving them was so hard in the first place. 🍾 🍾 🍾