NYC Trip Synthesis
This document will cover “Design Guidelines” that should be followed in future designs from the Trufflin team, “Suggestions for Prototypes” that were recommended to us during our trip to New York, a summary of “Trader Behaviors” from observing and interviewing Liquidnet’s trading desk, and a list of “Research Methods and Results” with links to explanations of the methods used and some of the results from Kano Analysis. To navigate the document, please use the toggle options on the left side to open areas of interest and close when finished.

Design Guidelines 

Given our feedback from traders and Liquidnet RMs/ PMs, we have created a list of potential guidelines that will lead our following design iterations. These fall under the four categories: General Rules of Thumb, Alert Sounds, Animations, and Visuals.

Based on the information gathered, our team suggests moving forward with developing the alert stream in future iterations, focusing on visual design (color, information in the alerts), grouping of alerts, customization features for alerts, and a minimized view of the alert stream (the bubble concept) as ways to improve the alert stream ecosystem. 

General Rules of Thumb

Importance of alerts varies, especially with time.
Priorities change all the time - color could reflect that in alert design. 
(from 2 RMs)

Count current clicks before redesigning a workflow.
Don’t put features can be done by a button in the typing window, like the call RM one. 
(from 1 RM, 3 traders)

Auto-completion is welcomed.
Like in the chatbot, anything that accelerates or predicts action helps the trader go faster.
(3 RMs)

Urgency of alerts comes over quantity of alerts
Quick Action Cards better for few most important things, rather than multiple things. 
(from 1 RM, 1 trader)

Be aware of what information is already available before including it.
Don’t repeat what traders can easily see elsewhere. 
(from 1 trader)

Screen saving is appreciated. 
E.g. the bubble idea saves screen space for users while conveying the same info. Less is more. 
(from 1 RM, 2 trader)

Small floating windows are valued (bubble concept).
The trader doesn’t need to remember where things were earlier if the window ‘floats’
(from 1 trader)

The current bubble is bigger than it should be. 
(from 1 RM)

Being un-intrusive is appreciated
Like the bubble, attention is grabbed without blocking the current workflow. 
(from 2 traders)

Traders need different kinds of information together to make a decision, so the ‘snapshot’ in the chatbot function could be helpful. (from 1 trader)

Pulling information (from the chatbot) and pushing information (from alerts) to the trader should not conflict with or block each other
(from 2 RM)

Natural interaction is needed for customized functions.
The interaction need to be quick and natural, otherwise, user won’t use it.