NSS Analyst sensing journey destinations - autumn 2016

  1. Nurture Development project in Cowdenbeath
  1. City Observatory Tour at the Technology & Innovation Centre, by the institute of Future Cities (99 George Street, GLASGOW)
  1. Shadowing Paramedic on duty, hosted by SAS
  1. Scotland’s Lead for Nurture Development. A third sector organisation which supports neighbourhoods understand their role and responsibilities. Activities include walking the streets, visiting individuals at home, linking in with local businesses.
  1. Paramedic with SAS based in Tayside. He is happy for us to job-shadow him to learn more about the service-users that need/request help from SAS. He also has contacts across Scotland so can arrange a meet-up closer to your locality.
  1. Patient [now Care] Opinion. How it works: share your story of using a health service This is sent to staff so that they can learn from it.You might get a response Your story might help staff to change services It would great to understand the experience from a service-users prospective. An interim ‘waypoint’ on this journey for analysts is the work underway within Healthcare Improvement Scotland, creating visualisations from PO data and discussing these with H&SC Commissioners.
  1. Deputy Assistance Chief Officer for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. Spend some time with a fire fighter to understand their role, much more than just fighting fires. An increased focus in community involvement and supporting the wider determinants of health.
  1. An opportunity to learn a little about an experience-based co-design process, Lanarkshire, as a method for improving responses to people who regularly attend the Emergency Department in distress. Project approach being developed.
  1. a “Ting” (H&WB deliberative democracy event/process) also intended for Lanarkshire
  1. Having a talk with the developers and users of Carr-Gomm’s Click-Go SDS system (and thinking about how the concepts could be spread more broadly across visit-based care, perhaps – also, the potential implications of spreading SDS into (comm.) health(!)
  1. Finding out more about Pilotlight –co-designed service design project: various ‘pathways’ and Self-Directed Support (talking with the project team and users)
  1. An opportunity to participate in one or more than one of the DHI/Alliance projects e.g. working on GP digital initiatives.
  1. Participating in a WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) process/training event – via the Scottish Recovery Network, perhaps
  1. Balhousie Care group – provides a range of care of care homes in and around Perthshire.
  1. People living with dementia
  1. Intermediate Care experience including step-down from hospital
  1. An opportunity to consider data collection, Public Health, and mobile. See and consider AppMovement in general and FeedFinder in particular. There are of course a host of other developments involving citizen-generated (the ‘people formerly known as patients’, to borrow our CMO’s terminology) health and well-being data – such as Cloudy with a Chance of Pain; and the ResearchKit/CareKit-related projects (scroll down the page to find these), but FeedFinder is based on direct contact with public health practitioners, as they re-frame their community-oriented activities and thinking, and opens up especially valuable insights.