NRG - SDG 7 (Affordable Energy)
Project documentation template 
D.I.V.E 2019

Project identity

Name: New Responsible Grid 

Team members

Pictures, key skills and team roles
Omkar - Mechanical engineer
Ganesh - Electronics, CAD, laser cutting, programming, 3D printing & builder
Alexis - Documentalist, gardener, coding, app developer 
Jordan - Woodcrafting, researcher
Philippine - Researcher, writer, drawing, marketing & curiosity
Xavier -  Business, communication, financial statements & curiosity


Project summary

Project statement (#day5)
Mumbai’s humidity & temperature are rising. 
Ramesh from Mumbai is a working middle class guy. Due to its increasing awareness of global warming, he is now looking for more efficient & greener ways to cool its home.

Project statement (#day20)
Ramesh, A Business owner from Mumbai , concerned about environment and Global Warming (electricity in India produced is of 85% from Fossil fuel & this contribute to Global Warming).
Ramesh is looking for efficient ways to reduce  its electric consumption bill while not disturbing current work environment.

Process and motivation

How did the project come to life? How does it match your skills and motivation?

Project n°1

Motivation: India’s weather is a challenging issue regarding global warming, since it implies polluting solutions to make it bearable. 

Process: It came to our attention that every middle-class homes are using A/C systems to cool their homes. It is one of the major factor contributing to global warming. We wondered if there were greener alternatives. 

Skills: We were all aware of the climate issues and were concerned with the fact that 85% of India’s energy is produced with fossil fuels. 

Project n°2

Motivation: Waste of energy consumption is participating to the notorious global warming phenomenon. 
Process: It came to our attention that every company is using lot of energy, often much more than what it would really need to keep being effective. We wondered if and how we could make these actors reducing their consumption. 
Skills: When doing internships or working in various open spaces, we all realized that energy use is often exceeding the genuine need. However, it could be easy to reduce this consumption, only by changing everyday gestures. Moreover, based on Social Behavior researches, we became aware that we could use psychology and imitation phenomenon to achieve our goal.