A Film by P.J. Palmer  

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Mountains are silhouetted against a crisp, dark, full moon sky. Stars shine. 
The secluded ranch is dark, quiet, peaceful.
The modest house sits nearby, aging and lived in. 
JAMES, (played by Colman Domingo), a handsome man of color in his 40’s, shaves the rough stubble from his face. His eyes are clear and deep from a lifetime in the elements. From the years of taking care of his family, his livestock. 
The house is silent. Except for the tic of the hall clock, and James’s soft footsteps.
Neat stacks of overdraft letters, foreclosure warnings and default notices sit on the counter. 
James feeds his dogs on the porch. Tails wag.
James pulls on his boots and heads to the barn. 
He drops a bale in front of a beautiful Palomino with large, kind eyes and a star-shaped patch.
This is NORTH STAR.  James lets her out to the meadow to graze with the deer.
Back in the house, James carefully dusts the mantel packed with framed photos of milestones. The story of his family. 
There are several photos of a happy and HANDSOME MAN, in his 40’s, proudly riding North Star. 
In the bedroom, James opens curtains letting in sunlight.
James approaches the bed where CRAIG (played by Malcolm Gets) frail and thin, in his 50’s, lays awake connected to an oxygen tube. Craig is now only a shadow of the handsome man he was in the photos with North Star.
James runs a bath and slowly lowers himself with Craig into the hot water, wrapping his legs around from behind to hold Craig up. James shares his blunt with Craig, blowing the smoke into his mouth, helping him to relax and ease his pain. 
Craig watches as his partner thoroughly cleans his entire body for him. 
James dresses Craig, and makes him breakfast. 
Craig looks out to the meadow where North Star grazes in the sunlight.  James rests his hand on Craig’s shoulder, comforting him that she will be alright.