📘 NE MELTEMI Public Outputs
The public outputs of the project are:

NE Meltemi Market Research [D.3.1]

A market analysis and mapping of global coastal Tourism Market. Despite the fact of limited published data in the market we run extensive desk research to identify existing similar products and run a benchmarking exercise against what is available. [PDF]

Nautical Routes Professional Training Syllabus [D.4.3.1]

A Training Syllabus (CDP) for the EU funded Project entitled ‘Meltemi – the breath of Archipelagos’. The purpose of the current document is to suggest a methodology and a training syllabus for the Nautical Routes product that is being developed in the framework of this Project. [PDF]. 

Networking & Awareness Activities [D.5.3]

All network and awareness activities are listed here.

NE Meltemi – Explorer’s Companion [D2.2.2]

Explorer’s Companion is a full collection of adaptable narratives and useful information of the best nautical, historical, cultural and natural attractions in the area. 

NE Meltemi for All: Accessibility Report [D2.2.3]

A NE Meltemi for All: Accessibility Report. We want to create a product that will be easily accessible to all “by design”. Following the success of KEROS FOR ALL camps and building on the knowhow we have gained we intent to work on this direction in this project as well. Following our experiences, we present our approach to designing a fully accessible Nautical Tourism product accessible to all. [PDF]

Creating diverse and exciting tourism products in coastal and nautical tourism Technical Manual [D5.4]

The purpose of this document is to create a technical manual in order to support and promote the transferability of the results of our project. We have worked towards the development of a standardized and repeatable methodology for creating diverse tourism products and services in the area of Nautical and Coastal Tourism. [PDF]

“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Maritime and Fisheries Fund under grant agreement EASME/EMFF/2016/”