My Brother’s Keeper
Project Leads: Kendrick Jackson, Ade Omitowoju

Skill Sets Requested: 
Basic understanding of the internet and mentorship

About the Organization: 
To foster the growth of programs targeting young men and women 
of color by providing funding and support to achieve collective impact. 

Datasets and other Resources:

MBK DC 2-Hour Design Thinking Workshop on Branding for a mentor site. 
A Design Sprint offers a strong formula for testing ideas that works whether you’re at a startup or a large organization. Our focus is to have both youth and adults work together to help identify the branding qualities that would make signing up to be a mentor appealing. 
1. SETTING UP THE STAGE The ideal team size is 5-8 people. Larger teams should be split into smaller teams working on the same challenge or separate challenges depending on your desired deliverable
2. Introduction on Design Thinking and Emotional Design
3. Value Proposition Canvas
4. Brand Personality Spectrum
5. Real-Time Mood Board Definition
6.  Conclusions