Release Notes
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Multiverse | USD v6.5.0 — Upcoming

Multiverse | USD v6.5.0 RC1 — July 3, 2020

PRO Version
  • Release Candidate distributed to customers only (release notes included in the release).

Multiverse | USD v6.4.3 — June 9, 2020

PRO Version
  • [ VRay ] — Added support for rendering with VRay GPU.
  • Note that the minimum supported VRay version is 4.30.01.
  • [ Viewport ] — Added support for framing the currently selected item (USD prim) in one of the following ways:
  1. Hotkey: If not already registered, CTRL+ALT+F will be automatically registered on Windows and Linux while COMMAND+F will be registered on macOS.
  • Note that a different key can be mapped from the Maya Hotkey Editor:  Windows->Settings/Preferences->Hotkey Editor> Custom Script> Multiverse
  • b. Marking menu: RMB > Frame Selected Item
  • c. Shelf: Frame shelf Icon
  • [ Viewport ] — Added new marking menu to create a transform override on the currently selected item.

  • [ Alembic ] — Update asset read UI to avoid fetching metadata when reading Alembic caches.
  • [ macOS ] — Updated USD on macOS for better support of Metal acceleration.
  • [ Viewport ] — Reorganized RMB marking menu to fit the new options.
  • Improved scripts to set-up the Multiverse environment for macOS/Linux (terminal) and Windows (cmd).

  • [ Overrides ] — Fixed issue with assigning a transform override to a location with pre-existing transform override. The existing transform override is now correctly replace by the new one.
  • [ Reading ] — Fixed issue where the incorrect folder was displayed when double clicking on a Multiverse Compound asset path in the layers widget for assets using relative paths

Multiverse | USD v6.4.2 — May 29, 2020

PRO Version
  • [ Writer ] — Resolved a Windows issue which prevented composition made with with files referenced from different devices / drives to be written successfully.
  • [ Writer ] — Fixed an issue where USDZ files were prevented to be written as part of a compositions.
  • [ VRay ] — Fixed an issue with normals always rendered per face when subdivsion surfaces are off.
  • [ Arnold ] — Resolved a crash caused by rendering empty Multiverse Compound with Arnold.
  • [ 3Delight NSI ] — Fixed an issue causing shifts in UV coordinates.
  • [ Free License ] — Fixed an issue where uninformative text was printed when requesting a free license.
  • [ Licensing ] — Better warning messages for the Pro Version licensing when licenses are not found.
  • [ Windows Installer ] — Circumvented an issue with Maya installer causing the Autodesk Shared folder not to be created on Windows when an user did not install Maya with either Arnold or Bifrost. The Multiverse installer now takes care of creating this folder (which is used by the MultiverseForMaya.mod file) and guaranteeing the Multiverse plug-in is visible in the Maya plug-in manager even if Arnold and Bifrost are not installed. 
  • [ Build ] — Package file names now contain the git short commit id.

Multiverse | USD v6.4.1 — May 14, 2020

FREE Version and PRO Version
  • [ VRay ] [ Renderman ] — Added mvSet namespace functionality to RenderMan and VRay plug-ins to be on par with 3Delight and Arnold. This effectively allows to create multi-renderer setups in Multiverse leveraging on namespace for switching shading networks. As a result you can switch lookdev from any renderer to any another renderer with 1-click.