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Multiverse — Version 5.7
January 18, 2019  
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Get Started

  • How to Get Started 🌎 with Multiverse covering download, quick installation and a basic introduction, including some sample files. This is located  directly on the Multiverse website: a highly recommended “read me first” document.

DCC Guides

  • Autodesk® Maya®:
  • SideFX® Houdini:

Release Notes

Software Updates

  • Downloads for Indie Customers:
  • Latest version — on Gumroad
  • Downloads for Floating Customers:


  • Quick install: for a quick installation please refer to the Refer to the Get Started page.
  • Detailed Install: +Multiverse — Install Docs —  For system admins, power users, and companies who need to deploy the software in networked environments, and users who need to use command line  rendering with the supported standalone renderers.


  • +Identify your HostID  — To find your Host ID for Node-Locked “Indie” license and for license server.