Multiverse Python API
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Multiverse is ready for deployment in production environments of any scale, with the new Multiverse Python API which is straightforward to use and integrate, abstracting the complexity and vastness of the USD APIs.

The main documentation for the Multiverse Python API is included in the Multiverse distribution, simply download Multiverse and go to its installation folder to find the PDF:


In this online page you will find additional documentation for the utility modules.

Utility modules


The skel modules provides functions to deal with skeleton and skeleton animation data.
The module includes the following functions:


AssignSkeletonAnimation(nodeName, skelPath, targetNode, targetAnimPath)

This function assigns the specified skeleton animation to the given path on the given node.
The skeleton to which to assign the animation is expected to exist in the Multiverse USD Compound node named nodeName on the location specified by skelPath (that must be of type Skeleton).
The skeleton animation to be assigned is expected to be definedin the Multiverse USD Compound node named targetNode  on the location specified by targetAnimPath (that must be of type SkelAnimation).

Example usage:
import multiverse as mv