Multiverse — License Installation
There are two types of Multiverse software packages:

  • 30 Days Trial “Public” Packages — these are the packages for both “Trial” and “Indie” and they are distributed to anyone through Gumroad. They will work for the first 30 days from the build release date and also print a rendering watermark (random spheres).

  • An “Indie” license will extend the validity and remove the watermark for 1 year.

  • The Indie license is  node-locked (tied to the machine network card).

  • “Pro” Packages — These builds are exclusively distributed to clients:

  • NOTE — Floating builds always require a license.

For licenses and further informations please contact us at


Multiverse uses J Cube’s own licensing system called “Pulsar", which is named after the astronomical object:

  •  pul·sar ˈpəlˌsär/ noun, ASTRONOMY
  • a celestial object, thought to be a rapidly rotating neutron star, that emits regular pulses of radio waves and other electromagnetic radiation at rates of up to one thousand pulses per second.

Pulsar handles both node-locked (“Indie”) and Floating Licenses:

  • Node-Locked Licenses —  We also refer to as Indie licenses. Indie licenses do not require a license server running. They are tied (locked) to a specific machine Host ID. 

  • Floating Licenses — They are spawned to your network by the pulsar license server typically residing on your license server at /path/to/multiverse-distribution/bin/pulsard.
  • Any client machine in the network will be able to grab a license as long as:

  • it can ping the hostname/IP of the license server
  • the pulsard license server is actually running and some licenses are installed
  • there are available licenses

Product-wise, there are two types of Multiverse licenses:
Type of License
Interactive License
  • An Interactive license is checked out when used within the context of the interactive/gui version of the host application (e.g. Maya).
Render Licenses

  • A render license is checked out when rendering, either from the host application or from a standalone rendering command (3Delight NSI renderdl, Arnold kick).
  • If a Render license is requested but is not available, then an Interactive license will be used instead (if available). 

  • Note — All Multiverse Licenses are “per-host”, this means you can launch as many instances of the DCC App (e.g. Maya) or the renderer (e.g Arnold, 3Delight NSI) from the same machine, and still use 1 single license.

Node Locked “Indie” Licenses

Obtain a Node-Locked (“Indie”) License

Start by purchasing a Node-Locked “Indie” license from our website →

  • Note — Anyone can download the latest version from our public Trial version.
  • Customers of Indie Licenses can access older Indie Builds on our website: