Multiverse — Install Docs
  • Build Validity — Without a valid license the software is in Trial Mode and is watermarked. It will stop working after 1 month from the build date. For licenses and further informations please contact us at


Quick Install

For quick installation please refer to the Get Started web page which also offer a basic tutorial. 


Advanced Install

You should continue reading this document only if you need to perform a custom installation, typically needed for a system admin deployment on shared drive or to use with standalone command line rendering (using 3Delight’s renderdl or Arnold’s kick).

1. Setup Git — (Optional)

The following information is only for users that do want to specify a Git username/email when using the experimental Git back-end for Alembic. +more about git setup — It is not recommended for the general user case, so please move to step 2.

2. The Windows GUI Installer

On Windows we provide an GUI installer. Simply run the executable which is named according to its version, e.g:


3. Uncompress the Archive (Linux/macOS)

Linux and macOS only.

First decide where you want to place Multiverse on your local or network path and uncompress the ZIP archive.

The archive file name is usually something like:

5.7.3:    Version
Public:   Build distributed to public (or could be a signed customer name)
Darwin:   Architecture

When uncompressed you will see the following directory structure:

    ├─── Maya/<MAYA_VER>               # Maya distributions
    ├─── bin/                          # licensing & utilities
    ├─── lib/                          # libraries (all platforms)
    ├─── lib/procedurals               # rendering procedurals
    ├─── lib/python                    # USD Python bindings
    ├─── share/                        # USD generics
    ├───           # 3rd party licensing info
    ├─── EULA.txt                      # End User Licensing Agreement
    ├─── mv-license-key.txt            # License Key (to be filled)
    ├─── README.txt                    # Read me file