Moving to CircularFLO 2021 from earlier versions of CircularFLO.

For current users of CircularFLO there are some important changes to be aware of when using CircularFLO 2021.


  • With earlier versions of CircularFLO we allowed free use of the CircularFLO desktop app by anyone who had access to it.
  • With CircularFLO 2021 we still allow free use of CircularFLO for trials and proofs but we now require users to register before running the CircularFLO desktop app. On first launch users are taken to an online form and on completion a confirmation email contains a code which allows access to the app.
  • Users of CircularFLO Special Edition are asked to enter a Client Number to link their Mac with the client (publisher or education group) that they are part of.

Special Edition Form

  • A new online form is now being used for Special Edition users which is quicker to use, is prefilled with metadata from the document and allows users to mark ‘remake’ conversions.
  • A new credit usage spreadsheet is automatically linked and updated immediately.

New outputs

  • With earlier versions of CircularFLO we ony created fixed layout ebooks.
  • With CircularFLO 2021 we have also added reflowable ebooks and audiobooks as exports from CircularFLO. Basic audiobooks can be made free of charge. Reflowable ebooks are charged at the same rate as fixed layout ebooks made using CircularFLO.
  • The choice of output is made when starting the export from the Main Panel or CircularFLO menu.

More Panels

  • With earlier versions of CircularFLO we had one Boilerplate panel to specify metadata and export preferences.
  • With CircularFLO 2021 we have replaced the Boilerplate panel with a newly laid-out Preferences panel and added an expanded Metadata panel and a Sections panel. Audiobooks also have their own panel.
  • At the page level, CircularFLO Read Aloud Panels and other audio panels remain largely unchanged and a new panel for placed Web Code and Widgets for interactivity is introduced.

Preferring InDesign text over embedded text by default

  • With earlier versions of CircularFLO we assumed InDesign text was to be embedded (searchable but not rendered with HTML live on the page) unless it was moved to a live text layer.
  • With CircularFLO 2021 we now assume users will want to have their text as exported as live text from InDesign for both fixed layout and reflowable EPUBs.
  • In order to continue exports with older PostScript fonts or to preserve complex styling we ask that you specify to NOT to use InDesign live text by setting the row ‘Prefer InDesign live text’ in the Preferences panel to ‘no’.

Table of Contents

  • With earlier versions of CircularFLO users could add a table of contents using InDesign Section Markers.
  • With CircularFLO 2021 we have improved the way we add a table of contents. Users can either  InDesign’s own Table Of Contents functions or use the new CircularFLO Sections Panel which is found in the Accessibility Tools where TOC text can now be entered, nested, viewed, edited and reordered more easily.

 Metadata changes

  • With earlier versions of CircularFLO, InDesign metadata was ignored 
  • With CircularFLO 2021 we now support InDesign metadata for Title, Author, Description and Copyright Notice (InDesign > File menu > File Info)
  • EPUB 3.2 accessibility metadata can also be easily added with the new Metadata Panel which is found in the Accessibility Tools.

Update to tool for conversion of InDesign hyperlinks

  • With earlier versions of CircularFLO we did not support InDesign’s own hyperlinks
  • With CircularFLO 2021 we support InDesign hyperlinks on live text. For embedded text and for Amazon fixed layout files, InDesign hyperlinks can be converted to clickable and tappable areas on the FLO_LINKS layer.
  • New hyperlink tools can also to generate FLO_LINKS for table of contents and indexes.

Kindle Previewer

  • With earlier versions of CircularFLO, Amazon KF8 files were made using Kindlegen. Amazon’s Kindlegen is no longer available and is not supported with macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or beyond.
  • CircularFLO 2021 ebook files for Amazon is now being prepared using Amazon’s Kindle Previewer 3. CircularFLO will prepare and pass the relevant files to Kindle Previewer 3 app. The resulting KPF file (for reflowable) or KF8 .mobi (for fixed layout) is placed next to the EPUB in the output folder.


Lots more accessibility features and tools have been added to CircularFLO to improve the quality of fixed-layout EPUBs as well as reflowable EPUBs. More info on our approach on our site and in the knowledge base. Here is a walkthrough of adding Accessibility features to a reflowable EPUB with CircularFLO.

Better documentation

We are building a searchable knowledge base for CircularFLO users here. A list of the videos used in the knowledge base are available here.

Contacting Circular Software

We have improved the way we manage our support. For the best support please use the ‘Get Technical Help’ button on your client page or contact us using the email address.