🦖 Monetizing an Entire Entertainment Network Through a Hit Game
Jurassic World Alive is in a unique position. It is an Augmented Reality (AR) game that is perfectly suited to its format with legendary creatures in a real-world setting. The game studio who created this game is also a part of a much bigger network. We're going to explore how this network can interact.

Is Jurassic World Alive the new Pokemon GO?

Inevitably, all AR games are compared to Pokemon GO, still an insanely successful game launched in 2016. It wasn't the first AR game, but it was the first that made a worldwide impact. Jurassic World Alive has similar motivational drivers, and yet, they speak to different audiences. 

All successful games have eight core drives of motivation and can be placed in a gamification framework. Empowerment, Ownership, and Social Influence is what describes Jurassic World Alive the best.
Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback: Players are empowered to go anywhere in the world (with an internet connection) to gather creature DNA and create their teams and collections. That's the basic rule in any AR map game, right?

Followed by Ownership & Possession: Being a Creature hunter (brings out the nostalgia and adventure fulfillment for Jurassic franchise fans) and participating in Battles proving skill and gaining points when winning (and saying bye to points when losing).

And last but not least Social Influence & Relatedness: collaboration with friends and join or create alliances to chat with like-minded folks and trade DNA coins. A nice trend in the games creating alliances meaning a person can still be a part of game's social network and meet new people, even if friends are more interested in other games and are not playing. 
Merging the three main motivational drives Jurassic World Alive players is unstoppable, especially if real-world collectibles are involved that would be an additionl driver to Ownership and Posession. 

Creating an ecosystem for whole network, starting JW Alive

Jurassic World Alive is in a great position with the network it's representing and having great motivational drives to engage people. Imagine playing Jurassic World Alive and getting points for Warriors of Waterdeep as well. Or even better, get early access to AMS premierrs before others!

This is how cross-platform integration would look like in Jurassic World Alive game from four-step player activation framework. 


Triggering Players Into Action

Step one is getting players to open and play the game. Empowerment and Ownership have a severe role in taking that first step. Granted, nostalgia will help trigger player interest and call for the adventure of being a creature hunter. But if there's a network behind the game, it should be embraced encouraging downloading the game.

When first opened, the gameplay itself is fun although getting out of the tutorial takes some time. Some hidden Easter Eggs can be hidden alongside the map and collections, hinting about them to motivate players to go forward. Like a custom, real-world game collectibles, meaning decals, or limited edition shirts with player name/game name on them. 

Motivating players to take the gameplay one step further

Now when players are triggered into the action, it's essential not to lose their attention. Keep them on their toes — rewarding players with custom collectibles that are exclusive, rare, and not available to everyone all the time. As there are unique creatures in the game, there should be rare collectibles proudly displayed by players around the world.  

Rewards including prizes from network associates

Inside Jurassic World Alive reward incubators are hatching for 3 or more hours. The more time it takes to open, the better the rewards. Great place to hide some of the Easter Egg game collectibles, supplementing already available offerings. 

What would be great is to incorporate some of the other ecosystem elements in the game, like a zombie creature. It's a hybrid between two different creatures, scarce, powerful and unlocking it gives the player a promotional code to stream all Walking Dead seasons. Player gets two bonuses - one of the most attractive creatures around for battle deck and a great show to binge watch. 

Repeating success to reengage the players

Now that players have had an immersive multi-platform experience, what more could be done to reengage them?  Offer even more such experiences! Like, let players buy network associated rewards with the cash they buy or earn in-game, exchanging for promotional codes applied in checkouts. Like, $25 AMC gift card or all seasons of Walking Dead.

To conclude… 

Jurassic World Alive has all the right elements to make it a success, from player motivational factors to opportunity to live through a childhood dream. And still, players compare JW Alive with Pokemon GO. But this game has an impressive network of other big names to make it more successful building an ecosystem of fan-favorites.