Mobile UX - Spring 2020
About the Course
Students learned what it takes to create a mobile app using human centered design approach. Through hands-on exercises, students learnt how to understand the user with research, then create wire framing, screen design and prototyping using industry standard software (no coding required). By the end of the class, students created a portfolio quality mobile app that solves a real world problem. 

Course goals
  1. Students will learn the proper method of interaction design
  1. Familiarize research methods to understand the user base
  1. Design a mobile app that solves an everyday problem

Project name: COOP.
Project name: Indie Place
Project name: RamVam
Project name: Save U
Project name: whim
Project name: Building Connect
Project name: Prepp
Project name: Path
Project name: Geronimo!
Project name: Perse

Anne Dreyer

Project Name: COOP

COOP. is an app designed to streamline the New York City apartment hunt with roommates. With this app, you can clearly communicate with all parties involved in your search, while prioritizing what you are looking for in your next space, whether that be natural light, a live-in super, or in-unit laundry. The app also lets you explore your future neighborhood and what it has to offer, schedule apartment tours in the app, and seamlessly share places you’re interested in with friends and family.

Elizabeth Messina

Project Name: RamVam

My Spring 2020 semester, for my Mobile UX Design course, I created a prototype for a Ram Van app. This app would replace Fordham’s current online system, and provide students, professors, and workers with a simple way to buy tickets, reserve seats, and find any necessary information. The app uses a clear and modern design, has easy-to-find instructions, and the ability to save credit cards and invite friends.

Fatima Asis

Project Name: whim

whim goes beyond your average food app. Instead of showing you dull, pixelated food images, whim pulls the best photos from each restaurant to really get your mouth watering. whim helps you discover new restaurants that you are guaranteed to like, and suggests a variety of dishes, recommended by your tracked likes and dislikes as well as restaurant servers. And for more inspo, you can check out the Feed page for more appetizing images.

But why stop there? Good food makes a great meal, but great company makes it even better. The Meeting in the Middle feature allows you to connect with friends, plugin locations, and find restaurants in between that satisfy everyone’s tastebuds.

Joanne J. Hwang