Mobile Design Discussion Question
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McKayla - How do you think the habit of screenshot-ing is affecting our memory? Would we be able to adapt the other direction as well?

Alicia - The reading emphasizes that screenshotting became a habit of archival tendencies and is often used to serve as proof for something. Given it’s raw nature, to what extent can we disprove photoshopped screenshots? What are the potential dangers of how far can it go? With the ability to delete posts along side the ability to create false ‘proof’, can screenshots ever be disproved? (example of this issue: Catherine Paiz. Take a look at the tweet replies as well.)

Nico - Screenshots have so much utility, not only for archiving purposes, but also for the purpose of creation and communication. It’s a central tool for navigating the digital realm— how different would the web look if we lost this function entirely?

Simon - Should screenshots be preserved in a physical archive? Would that transform them in a permanent record? 

Ellie - In an age of photoshop and alteration, are screenshots ever going to be seen as a reliable archive or method of real preservation?

Arani – Can taking screenshots be considered an example of how easily reproducible the image is in today’s day? And can this be used as a tool to not only prove ability but also to empower people?

Shreya - The reading supposes that screenshots could be used as a visual archive of our time. But if these screenshots can be photoshopped then do they really provide an honest reflection of the event/time? 

Esther - When we screenshot on our phone, is it considered permanently embedded into the cloud? How permanent do people assume the archives of screenshots are?

Rebecca-How the share button is less usable asides the screenshot way of sharing? How to prevent privacy on website being shared with screenshots? And what's the advantage side of how the screenshots in convenient our lives? 

Haoyu- For example, there is a notice to your friend’s side when we screenshot the conversation between friends on Snapchat. This is an excellent way to prevent privacy on the website being shared with a screenshot. What’s life look like without the screenshot?