Mining Community


  • Sortition
  • Open Source Governance
  • Mining Pool
  • Roadmap for next hard fork 
  • Q&A


  • smoothing: missing 1 of 6 blocks negatively impacts performance
  • missing blocks due to RBF and insufficient fees
Action Item: Create a test

Open Source Governance

  • can we request issues/fix priority?
  • can we issue bounties for fixes?
  • master (stable release), develop(new features), next(new consensus) branch in github
Action Item: Create a SIP for sortition issue

Mining Pools

  • Using mulit-sig accounts is the current recommendation for pooling

Running a miner

  • Your account requires at least two UTXO to run smoothly (#2346)
  • Your miner might spent BTC while syncing (#2364)
  • Workaround for using working_dir in config file, uses rsync to backup in rotation:
  • could possibly end up on a fork? others recommend starting from scratch
  • if using debug mode on Linux, rotatelogs is a good tool, example from user LNow:
  • stacks-node start --config=config.toml 2>&1 | rotatelogs -v -e -n 5 logfilename 25M
  • above method really useful when working with DEBUG enabled
  • note: I’m seeing this as logrotate on Linux, not sure what the above version is, but similar concept, could be part of apache2-utils package as rotatelogs
  • Data analysis?
  • would be nice to link up with the bitcoin data (blockcypher has a nice free API)
  • Observations
  • faster bitcoin blocks it is more likely for smaller commits to win (data to “proof”?)


  • Peter S: with the right configuration, everyone should face the same problem? So equal sortition?
  • Peter S: I just want to point out that the theoretical and the actual wins smooth out nicely since the start.
  • Does mining from a raspberry pi or lower-performant machine cause a disadvantage?
  • slow cpu = blocks not reaching in time ?
  • running bitcoind on a separate machine ?
  • Mining Challenge part 3?
  • still in planning, unclear