SDG School 2019, Paris

Project identity 

Name: Mindscape
Tagline: With MINDSCAPE, you understand your mind, and don’t need to escape from your feelings anymore.

Team members:
Name Surname
Skills / Team role
Misha Paul
Project Mangement
Megha Chadha

Mingchun Wang
Prototype design
Emylie Lentzner

Mohammed Fannane
Prototype design


Problem statement:
Most of young adults in the age group of 19-25 go through a phase of confusion, facing mostly unknown future without a clear help of parents or schools in general. In addition, society and social media create more pressure, one thinks their friends have figure it all during their transition phases, whether it’s their career or personalities. Thus, it may end with pressure effecting their mental health, up to anxiety and depression. Furthermore, society is not training young adults to develop a mental immunity, nor keeping track on their mental health. Acceptance can be a solution for some, medical help for few or a severe degradation for others.

Insights and solution:
After consulting adolescent psychiatrist, psychologist, but also more than 70 young adults (age group 19-25), there is a place for a multi-module solution. We designed a Web App Mindscape based on three therapy tools and practices, enhanced by 3 main modules/features:

  • Patient-to-patient therapy: experienced people sharing their challenged and tips with young adults going through their transition phases is very helpful and efficient. Mindscape facilitates those meetings, and organize occasionally events around well being and good health.
  • Mood tracker: based on available medical questionnaire and scientific research, the mood tracker helps users understand their feelings and emotions, keep track on them and find patterns.
  • Virtual Yard: if it is difficult for some young people to step in the real world and meet others, they can start with virtual chat or music sharing. It is also true for seeking medical help, Mindscape makes a therapist few clicks away, as well as hotlines for urgent matters.

Expected impact:
Through building community, we aim at empowering young adults to step in real world, help them learn to speak about their struggles and reach out to people for help, but most importantly, train them to develop a mental immunity while facing life struggles, and keep their daily life more stable.

Process and motivation

Social media has become omnipresent in the lives of adolescents and research shows that it is aggravating what is already an uncertain and emotionally turbulent time in their lives. Social media can be a great platform for keeping in touch with friends and networking with potential professional collaborators. For individuals with social media addiction, though, any social media account can be a source of great anxiety. Feeling like your life is boring or inadequate and fearing that you're missing out on something exciting are common experiences for individuals with social media addiction

Statistical data

User persona for prototype 1

Male Persona
Female Persona
Age bracket
15-18 years old
15-18 years old
European : French
Asian : indian

Social media, online gaming, geek
Dancing, but can make a career out of it.
Body image problem.

User persona for prototype 2

Male Persona