Empowering the next generation of Data Science and AI developers.

We live in a technology era of boundless opportunity. Our access to computing power and data storage – enabled through the cloud – is nearly limitless. Digital devices are ubiquitous and the data created on today’s internet is 17.5M times that of 100GB internet that existed in the year 1992…per second.
Likewise advancement in data modeling, algorithms, and tools to analyze this data have made it possible for humankind to unlock new insights in the fields of healthcare, agriculture, education, and transportation.
Data Science can truly be a superpower. But for this next generation of data scientists, harnessing its potential also requires us to adopt an open & questioning mindset. We have a shared responsibility to ensure that that the models that we build (and the AI experiences that consume them) are fair, reliable and safe, private and secure, inclusive, transparent, and accountable.
At Microsoft, we are working to democratize Data Science & AI – to make the building blocks available to all like computer vision, speech, and knowledge recognition. If you’re an aspiring developer, you can use pre-built AI models to add intelligence to your app. If you’re an aspiring data scientist, you can build your own models through our custom services or on infrastructure supported by a wide range of deep learning frameworks.
One of the reasons why we love Cal Hacks so much is that it celebrates both the opportunity and the responsibility; we see each team pushing the limits of what’s possible in technology in real-world scenarios. We are humbled to contribute to events like it all around the World.
For complete information on our Azure Champ prize at Cal Hacks this year as well as link to get $100 Azure credit, go to:

btw our prize is an XBOX ONE X 1TB for each person in your team (up to 4). 😊
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