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Keynote Presentations:

People-First Culture: Build a Business Your Customers, Employees and Community Will Admire

If you truly want to become an authentic organization that builds lasting relationships with your employees and customers, it is essential to start building a people-first culture within your business.  His People-First Culture concept is instrumental in becoming a successful leader and growing an admired company through customer experience, employee engagement and company culture.  Throughout the presentation, Michel will reinforce his message by sharing examples from well-known companies, such as Warby Parker and Amazon, while also sharing success stories from not-as-recognizable leaders and brands like Howard Behar and The Beautiful People Compan

Key Takeaways:
• The proven 3P Strategy concepts to achieve differentiation within highly competitive industries.

• A Customer Obsession: How to Create an Experience Your Customers Have Never SeenBefore

What separates your company from the rest? Is your experience like the others or is it something that your customers have never seen before? In this keynote, Michel will share insights on how you can create an experience your customers will obsess over. He brings forward strategies you can use immediately to gain loyal customers who purchase more products and services, leave positive online reviews and testimonials and spread positive word of mouth.

• Become an Employee Magnet: Attract, Grow and Retain Your Best Team

In this keynote presentation, Michel Falcon, employee engagement and company culture expert, will share proven strategies that he has used in his career to build high performing teams. Supported by his People-First Culture philosophy and 3P Strategy, Michel will teach us how he has designed employee experience programmes for dozens of industries that has impacted millions of employees globally.

• Next Generation CX: Customer Experience Strategies for 2020 and Beyond

Customer Experience (CX) is the design of the interactions that your customer experiences with your company from beginning to end. CX is a key pillar for growing your profit, and help you build a successful company.  In this presentation Michel shares proven strategies that will work across industries. He uses them within his business (a company that does over eight figures a year in revenue, and has over 100 employees) on a daily basis. Michel also used these strategies when consulting for companies like McDonald’s, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Lexus. No matter how many employees, or how many customers you actually have. These strategies aren’t going to be for beginners, so get ready to use them in your business, and get super strategic on how you apply them to start growing your business.

Key Takeaways:
  • A framework for customer experience design & customer journey mapping.
  • How to decrease the distance between your employees and your customers.
  • The steps to increase employee engagement with CX initiatives.

Platform Plus

Workshop | People First Culture

What is the People-First Culture workshop? A multi-day intensive workshop that teaches your company how to apply the People-First Culture philosophy and 3P strategy within your business to grow stronger relationships with your customers, employees and community. Who is it for? Medium and large-sized companies who are absolutely committed to building processes to enrich the lives of their customer and employees.

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