🕘 Meeting notes: RLS 1.0 + 2.0  branding/strategy

Apr 17, 2019


xanewok@gmail.com, Nicholas Matsakis, fklock@mozilla.com, aleksey.kladov@gmail.com, wilcokusee@gmail.com


  • Should we create WG-RLS-1.0? Why (not)?
  • What is the relation between RLS 1.0 and 2.0 and how it should be perceived?


  • Key question: when do we expect RLS2 to be generally useful?
  • Latency is the main pain point for RLS1.0, but there might be others
  • Lack of manpower/initiative to support RLS 1.0 (also for 2.0, especially for design)
  • Sharing/librafication might help against duplication of effort
  • Possibility of creating a “1.0-2.0 bridge”
  • Branding effects: RLS 2.0 is new and shiny, might distract contributors from RLS 1.0

Action items

  • Run a survey
  • Consult with community team what data might be useful and how best to run the survey