🕘 Meeting notes: Machine Learning WG

October 4

  • Attendees
  • David John Gagne
  • Douglas Rao
  • Alec Engall
  • Alec: Air Force ML Efforts
  • Operationalizing MIT LL global synthetic weather radar
  • Panhelio for space weather
  • CI/CD
  • NOAA AI Workshop
  • Getting recordings online
  • Survey coming
  • What does AI Ready mean?
  • Making NOAA data easier to read for AI, analysis, visualization
  • AI Education materials
  • NOAA putting together templates
  • NCAR working on datasets and tutorials
  • How to sustain production of AI education materials

August 2

  • Attendees
  • Joe Hamman
  • Tom Augspurger
  • Zac Flamig
  • Jon Schreck
  • Douglas Rao
  • Jim Bednar

  • Updates
  • Joe: gearing up for some new Xbatcher work. Released 0.1 last week. Dataset loaders for pytorch and tensorflow come next.
  • Zac: a few new datasets on AWS public datasets (NOAA-GMGSI, NOAA-CDR-Atmospheric)
  • Jon: wrapping up projects at NCAR, atmospheric chemistry NN problem, 
  • Douglas: Working on NOAA workshop that is happening in September, hackathon the week before, possible slot for Pangeo tutorial?
  • Jim: NASA Pangeo-ML reporting. Gave Datashader talk at Coiled and HoloViz tutorials at ESIP and SciPy.

  • Agenda
  • tutorials (week of Sept. 7-10)
  • hackathon (wildfire, heatwave, climate emulation) (week of Sept. 7-10)

July 12?
Rescheduled from US Independence Day holiday on Monday, July 5?