🕘 Meeting notes: Machine Learning WG

Aug 2, 2019


@mention yourself and add others

Joe Hamman
Leif Denby
@Noah B 
@Stephan R 
@David G 


  • Pangeo meeting in August
  • Any WG members planning on attending
  • https://ai4environment.io/, website to try and collect datasets used for training, upcoming events and feature blog posts by researchers using ML in environmental sciences


  • Working group talk
  • breakout sessions the next day (1 hr) ~ 20 ppl
  • working groups: data storage, education, cloud (ad-hoc)
  • could be used too…
  • Stephan: Model replacement benchmark
  • predict the weather
  • 500 mb geopotential heights, predict
  • see paper link above
  • kaggle competition?
  • playground competition
  • DJG has run a competition:
  • lot of participation
  • GFS output
  • all used the same technique
  • Didn’t get in-person participation from larger community
  • NCAR has more internal support to curate datasets (CISL)
  • Would be nice to get NCAR to support a ML hook into CESM\
  • AMS Annual meeting (19th conference on AI for env science)
  • Aug 8 deadline
  • session: open dataset
  • getting python in CESM:
  • Sciparks final presentations
  • summer internships at NCAR
  • or maybe MPAS?
  • Leif:
  • made website
  • can make a post (ask leif)
  • working with GEOS-16
  • job submission
  • kubeflow