🕘 Meeting notes: Machine Learning WG

August 3

@Jeff S @Sebastian A @David G @Laique @LukeGregor @Noah B

  • AMS Annual is virtual. Abstract Deadline August 24, AI conference. Relevant sessions:
  • aI for climate applications
  • blending ai with wx and climate models
  • open datasets for ai research and applications
  • python frameworks for reproducible communicable 
  • using hpc to accelerate ML
  • How to make pangeo work better for ML?
  • need example 
  • Tutorials through pangeo gallery, binderhubs
  • job submission
  • kubectl apply jobs
  • AWS Batch
  • Google AI Jobs
  • Genomics Pipeline thing
  • social engineering, get google / aws to install xarray and zarr into their ML images
  • connect to sagemaker?
  • Instructions on how to use their cloud provider's ML resources
  • Easily spin up / down GPUs to minimize costs
  • Need more comments on workflow/infrastructure examples:
  • Put out survey to see what the community wants / what they are using / what do they want to use?
  • any workshops teach cloud authentication?
  • qwiklabs
  • Data-prepocessing…
  • Survey? Google Forms
  • Focus: the hard (non-scientifically interesting) stuff

July 6

@Noah B 
@Jeff S 
@Sebastian A 
@Joe H 
@Laique Merlin Djeutchouang Univ Cape Town, Ocean + ML


  • Summer school.
  • huge live stream turnout (1000s!)
  • Hackathon (300 participants, groups of 5)
  • challenge problems
  • jupyter notebook
  • Google collab + AWS Jupyterhub