🕘 Meeting notes: Machine Learning WG

October 3

  • Attendees
  • Chris Dupuis / Columbia University
  • Max Jones / CarbonPlan
  • Wei Ji Leong / Byrd Polar Climate Research Center
  • Zhonghua Zheng / The University of Manchester, UK
  • Tom Augspurger
  • Nana Yi
  • Duncan Watson-Parris
  • David John Gagne / NCAR
  • Ray Bell / DTN
  • Douglas Raot
Agenda for October 3
  • Extending work by Anirban Sinha on estimating surface currents from sea surface heights and other variables
  • Attendee updates
  • Chris - also working on pyqg
  • Zhonghua - moved to UK
  • Nana Yi - working on crop agriculture related ML, mainly using Google Earth Engine
  • David John - working on training models over whole domains by speeding up pipelines (working closer to numpy layer rather than converting to/from pandas dataframes); wrapping up AMS scheduling (270+ abstracts)
  • Ray Bell - just catching up on data science and ML, working at DTN
  • Douglas - converting NOAA climate records to zarr
  • Max Jones - working on developing xbatcher, integration with other packages for Earth Observation data. Hoping to host Pangeo hackathon after AMS - Jan 13 9am to 4pm? Some interest from NASA TOPS on collaborating with this hackathon, more engagement orientated breakout groups? E.g. for kerchunk, xbatcher, xarray flexible indexes, etc
  • Update for Pangeo plans at AMS
  • General discussion
  • Xbatcher, hoping to get release out by end of the week!

No meeting on September 5

August 1

  • Attendees
  • Joe Hamman / CarbonPlan
  • Max Jones / CarbonPlan
  • Chris Dupuis / Columbia University
  • Noah Brenowitz
  • David John Gagne / NCAR

  • Max:
  • finished cmip6-downscaling dataset, included implementation of DEEP-SD
  • working on Keras data loader in xbatcher (PR: … )
  • working on batch generation schema for xbatcher
  • Chris: