🕘 Meeting notes: Machine Learning WG

November 2

  • Introductions
  • Attendees:
  • DG
  • Charlie Beckler
  • John Shreck

October 5

@Jeff S @Joe H @Noah B @Tom @raybell @zacflamig

  • Longer term updates
  • Personal updates


  • Joe:
  • Pangeo NASA proposal accepted! 1 hire @ carbon plan to produce software and develop applications.
  • Tom:
  • Jeff: snakemake hyper-parameter search
  • Zac Flamig (AWS open data team)
  • David
  • AI Institute
  • tools: scons
  • Ray Bell (Royal Caribbean Data scientist)
  • developer xskillscore
  • Noah
  • Using Argo as a container-centric (kubernetes-specific) workflow language
  • Looking at parquet for storage
  • Any xarray / zarr datasets to SQL-like bigquery thing?
  • Joe: DNA-like dataset
  • Zac: Athena - SQL front-end backed by different storage backends. 

August 3

@Jeff S @Sebastian A @David G @Laique @LukeGregor @Noah B

  • AMS Annual is virtual. Abstract Deadline August 24, AI conference. Relevant sessions:
  • aI for climate applications
  • blending ai with wx and climate models
  • open datasets for ai research and applications
  • python frameworks for reproducible communicable 
  • using hpc to accelerate ML
  • How to make pangeo work better for ML?
  • need example