🕘 Meeting notes: Machine Learning WG

June 1, 2020

@Lindsey H
@Ryan A
@Stephan R
@David G
@Noah B
@Joe H 
@Jeffrey Sadler


  • Round
  • Blog post
  • rechunking-reshaping data
  • file format
  • dask-ml’s blockwise ensemble methods.


  • Noah
  • Data Engineering stuff, Apache Beam pipelines, kubernetes stuff
  • Drafted a blogpost
  • Lindsey
  • Looking for postdoc to join Jupyter meets earth group (on Pangeo discourse)
  • Ryan
  • Student making progress on surface currents project again. Could use a GPU on the cloud.
  • Stephan
  • Working on weatherbench dataset, building models.
  • Hitting RAM limits (700 GB). Looking into converting the problem (possibly TFRecords)
  • David
  • Management, hiring / onboarding data scientists.
  • Prepping for AI for earth systems summer school. All virtual, webinars, hackathon.
  • NN emulators fortran-neural network interface
  • Tom

  • Joe
  • Jeff
  • pangeo gpu article. attached gpu to notebooks node for deep learning.
  • snakemake workflow for hyperparameter search


  • Reproducibility
  • docker image to start jupyter lab session