🕘 Meeting notes: Machine Learning WG

December 5

  • Attendees
  • Max Jones
  • Chris Dupuis
  • Jim Bednar
  • Wei Ji Leong
  • Dongping Song
  • David John Gagne
  • Agenda

  • Attendee updates
  • Max:
  • AMS Pangeo meeting, breakout group at <insert link>. Will lead some dev work on xbatcher. Douglas will be leading some other stuff…
  • Xbatcher v0.2.0 released last month, bug on batch_dims selectors <insert-link>. Also lots of side stuff on code improvement and performance.
  • Jim:
  • Dmitry and ? reaching out with Project Pythia, getting things Pythia compatible.
  • Any experience with MLOps? Leaning towards MLFlow, but could be other options.
  • Pyscript working on some stable diffusion app?
  • Holoviews - can use web worker, bypass pyscript, using just pyodide? Opens up some performance benefits.
  • Wei Ji
  • reviewing xbatcher PRs
  • Each use-case/project would probably be built separately as a Jupyter Book, and there would be one central repository to link to all of those ESIP ML tutorials
  • Should talk about linking Pythia to some of these tutorials once created.
  • Chris:

  • David John:
  • Thomas Martin working on tutorials on pain points for atmos
  • AI2ES lectures on transformers

November 7

  • Attendees
  • Wei Ji Leong / Byrd Polar Climate Research Center
  • Max Jones / CarbonPlan
  • Alek Petty
  • David John Gagne
  • Dhruv Balwada / M2LInES, Columbia University
  • Henry Rodman / NCX
  • jb barre
  • John Schreck
  • Thomas Martin
  • Zhonghua Zheng
Agenda for November 7