🕘 Meeting notes: Machine Learning WG

May 3

  • Attendees
  • noah brenowitz
  • Cindy Chiao
  • Joe Hamman
  • Jeff Sadler
  • Tom Nicholas
  • Ryan Abernathey
  • Tom Augspurger
  • Zac Flamig
  • Zhenghua Zheng - Air quality, Urban Climate, LDEO to NCAR (ASP)
  • Agenda
  • Ryan: coordination around data portals
  • How do ML data portals differ?
  • John Schreck: NCAR data portal, hired intern to develop
  • free data, not compute (but maybe)
  • Tom: Cataloging with STAC
  • STAC community is discussing ML-derived features. “give me the items where this value is > some threshold, according to this model”
  • Ryan: 
  • GCSFS/s3fs benchmarking/testing at scale
  • deepack cherian, scott hendersen big road map
  • ryan: cloudfiles,

  • Jeff:
  • xagg: aggregate xarray objects on polygons
  • setup zoom room: 

April 5

I tried to join the call, but no one is letting me in. Perhaps today’s meeting is cancelled? - Ryan
Looking here https://pangeo.io/meeting-notes.html#working-group-meetings it was 11 EST? - Ray
4p GMT” is now (12pm EST); plus there are no notes from an 11am meeting - Ryan
Couldn’t get in either. - Douglas
+1 Couldn’t get in, maybe create a link for today’s meeting?
+1 also unable to get in - Tom Nicholas
How about the pangeo whereby? - Ray - enough here to 

  • Attendees:
  • Ryan Abernathey
  • Ray Bell
  • Tom Nicholas
  • Douglas Rao
  • Cindy Chiao
  • Zhonghua Zheng