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Meeting #15, April 7th 2021, 1pm PT


Alex Fry
Kevin Wheatley
Scott Dyer
Nick Shaw
Rémi Achard
Lars Borg
Chris Brejon
Sean Cooper
Alex Forsythe
Francesco Giardiello
Jean-Michel Gilbert
Ebs Hasche
Carly Kutcka
Zach Lewis
Thomas Mansencal
Carol Payne
Joshua Pines
J. Schulte
Daniele Siragusano
Jed Smith
Doug Walker
Mike Whipple
Raymond Yeung

Meeting Notes

  • Kevin Wheatley: Here is a list of work areas:
1) Finish general requirements list gathering
2) Terminology
3) Catagorise/catalogue reference display/environments (list display colorimetry encodings, etc)

4) Stipped back version of SSTS RRT/ODT
    Default contrast
    What clipping points should we remove?
    How should we map SSTS parameters to displays?
5) Alternate renderings

6) Appearance modeling (color, not image appearance)

7) LMT Sub group - designing guidelines or a tool?
Matching old renderings

8) Gamut mappings - do they need to know the display encoding and thus exist after the main rendering?
  • Alex Fry: Who has a particular interest in tackling any of these? We can make threads on ACES Central. There is a thread already on terminology. We need to agree what we mean by things to all be on the same page.