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26 August


19 August

@Thomas C @Eric F @Ryan M @Jody K @P I @Antony L 


  • PR review


  • importing just agg is ~440ms
  • importing numpy is ~150ms
  • parsing file is ~5ms
  • will merge tomorrow if no other feedback
  • related to re-sizing a window multiple times via set_size_inches 
  • @Antony L has concerns we should be fixing this by setting the canvas size in figure.set_size_inches rather than patching up Qt, will leave a comment
  • approved modulo rebase and CI passing
  • rebase is due to some of the same changes being merged up from v1.3.x
  • @Thomas C was previously concerned about back-compat, but is swayed by @Antony L ‘s arguements
  • merged
  • failed tests spectacularly, rebased again
  • rebased to see if we can fix the doc builds
  • merged
  • Add ability to tell Matplotlib about random fonts